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Business Work Outfit Ideas for Women

Best Outfits for Working Women In 2019

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

As professional women, we all want to make a good impression with a style statement. Many people think that achieving an elegant business casual style is easy to carry and achieve, however, we know that it is very tough to put together the right attire to look graceful and relaxed at the same time. Our outfits affect our confidence, personality, and charm, so it has to be impressive and comfortable both. It also helps you to avoid mistakes that make you look aged.

Frankly speaking, most of the time, it is challenging to make a look work-appropriate and comfortable to wear at the office or outdoors. However, nothing is impossible. In this post, we have gathered 17 top work outfit trends for 2019, so you can get relaxed with design and attire ideas for all seasons. The below looks are worth wear to your work from 9 to 5, Monday to Friday without hassle.

Work Outfit Ideas for Women

17 Ideas for Working Women Outfit:


Try wearing white with a bodycon or pencil skirt complimenting to body blaze and short coats. These types of outfits never go out of fashion and are ideal for every kind of occasion, including meetings, outdoors, events and everyday work. Carry a pointed heel with a matching bag to add more grace to your style statement. We recommend you wear light gold accessories to add a touch of luxury.

White Business Work Outfit Ideas for Women


Remember the times when our moms were carrying a loose end shirt with the most comfortable bell bottoms all around. Nowadays, they have been successful in getting their place in professional attire. Try contrasting bell-bottoms with button shirts and ribbon belts to recreate the classical yet elegant look of the ’80s.


Considering jeans as a casual outfit is old fashioned. Women of today wear jeans in a professional manner with the same confidence and gorgeousness. Try well-fitted jeans with your favorite shirt and a top-notched blazer to complement with matching heels and a handbag. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different shades and patterns and make your mood uplifted as well.

jeans with blazers


Leather skirts are evergreen. You can wear them in cold-weather without compromising on the official style statement. Try contrasting those plain dull skirts with striped and patterned shirts and if needed, then overcoats to cope up with the weather. Don’t forget to minimize the accessories as they won’t go with the decency of the outlook.

all black outfit


Strips and checks are not just limited to match with leather and velvet fabrics. They go as well as with long bottom pants and high feet trousers. Match them either with loafers or pointed pumps to showcase a semi-formal yet stylish look for daily meetings. The look is just perfect for your outdoors.

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checks and prints outfit


For packed snowfalls or striking winters, it’s always good to carry warmer clothes with jeans or an inner warmer. Put your high boot shoes or woolen heels to compliment the look. Get yourself comfortable with a matching stole. You can even carry a patterned stole with a plain overcoat or a plain stole with checks. Both will enhance your style statement for work.

Business Work Woolen Outfit Ideas for Women


Yes, we know that you love to wear coffee tones a lot. Who is stopping you from wearing them on work? Just your own hesitation. Coffee and chocolate tones are perfect to wear in your office days as well. You can also contrast your light shade clothing with a chocolate coffee belt, shoe or bag. They are seriously not limited to night outs. They have their aura for offices too.

Casual Business Work Outfit Ideas for Women


Grab your most comfortable pair of bottoms with the lightest weighted shirt and get yourself smooth on a warm day of summer to your work. You will rock it!


Yes, you can wear floral patterns to your work. Mix and match your favorite floral shirt with plain blaze and straight bottom pants. A high heel and leather bag will add a formal touch to your outfit. It’s all about carrying the right attitude with it.

Floral Print dress


Grey is the second most universal color after white for professional wears. Play with your imaginations and start contrasting different combinations from summer to winters as they are acceptable in all seasons.


If you ever get bored from the same professional shades of grey, white, blue and black; then get a bright and vibrant tone to add freshness to your outlook and bring the same energy to your workplace as well. Play with patterns and get different accessories to finish your look.

Vibrant Business Work Outfit Ideas for Women


Long length bottled style is back in fashion. Get some decent and straightforward colors and get them tailored with the elegance and professionalism of the ’90s.  Coats and vertical front access shirts are the best combos to go with palazzos.


 “A black bodycon with fitted blaze and formal white shirt presents perfect conventional office attire. Sticking to the time tested look is not a bad idea if you are scared of experimenting with your looks” says Martha Davis, Consultant of Personal Statement Writing Service UK. Hence, get a black pair of heels with a carrier bag to get ready to flat everyone on the floor.

Casual Business Work Outfit Ideas for Women


Just like casual wears on a warm sunny day, empire line accesses are the best to wear if you want to get comfortable with your day out. You can fit them with any pair of bottoms including cotton trousers, jeans, dress pants and even loose pants. Compliment the look with a clutch or carry a purse.


Tulle, flared, A-lined or even box platted, skirts are considered as most elegant formal wears in some industries. Try selecting light and decent shades with contrasting tunics and get the most spectacular looks this summer. Skirts also give you open ground to choose from all kinds of footwear. Hence, play with endless options.

Long Skirt


Having a formal dress pant with a front opening shirt is the most acceptable dress coat at every workplace. You can add a touch of style by wearing a stole or a scarf. It won’t look unprofessional and will give you an additional space to get experimental with your attitude and image.

Formal Officewear


When nothing comes to your mind for an urgent call from work, keep white and black wear ever ready to wear on these emergency calls. They always look elegant and won’t get you in trouble when it comes to impressing a client or your management. It will add a plus point to inspire your peers and juniors as well.

black and white outfit

So what are you waiting for? Try these looks out to impress everyone out there!!

Business Work Outfit Ideas for Women
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