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Premature skin aging

How To Avoid Premature Skin Aging and What Beauty Regimens To Follow

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Premature skin aging prevention, care:


Today we are going to talk about premature skin aging and how to avoid it. Though aging is inevitable, premature aging is something we can delay and ward off.  So what, exactly, causes your skin to age?

Skin that becomes dull, wrinkled, and loses its elasticity can cause you to look older. Studies have broken down this premature aging into four different categories.

Prolonged Exposure to Ultraviolet (UV) Rays:

One of the main factors that lead to noticeable aging? Too much exposure to the sun. UV rays break down collagen and elastin and damage the skin’s ability to create new collagen. Even after just a few days, the sun can cause damage to your skin at the molecular level. This damage can cause unwanted wrinkles, spots, and premature sagging.

This damage from UV rays doesn’t just happen when you step outside. Tanning beds can also lead to your skin looking worn and damaged. The tradeoff simply isn’t worth it.

Premature skin aging

Air Pollutants:

Pollution in the air can cause something called “oxidative stress” in your skin. Basically, your skin acts as a barrier between your body and external pollutants. As a consequence of that protection, pollution restricts the flow of oxygen and nutrients to your skin.

These pollutants can also cause an excess in production of free radicals, which break down collagen and cause hyperpigmentation, which leads to your skin losing elasticity and that much-desired “glow.”

Premature skin aging


Not only does smoking yellow your teeth and cause bags under your eyes, but it also reduces blood flow to your skin, which leads to premature aging. Nicotine and carbon monoxide constrict blood vessels.

This process prevents the blood from carrying the oxygen and nutrients away from those tiny capillaries near the surface of your skin. It becomes more difficult for your skin to make new skin cells or produce new collagen, resulting in dry, sagging, wrinkly skin. 

Daily Wear & Tear of your Lifestyle:

You’ve heard about “frown lines” and “crow’s feet.” This is just regular wear of the face on your skin. As we age, this wear can lead to wrinkles, thanks to the constant use of this skin. Think of how often you move the muscles of your face throughout the course of a normal day. (Fear not – we would never tell you to stop smiling!)

Another significant cause of aging is your lifestyle. Not getting enough sleep or not drinking enough water can lead to premature aging of your skin, just as smoking or air pollutants can age your skin.

Premature skin aging

Skincare Regimen to Avoid Premature Aging:

Feeling a bit overwhelmed about all the ways your skin can age? Fear not! Having a skin care regimen created to combat the external aging forces, but is still simple and easy-to-use is one way to prolong your skin’s health and vibrancy.


Keep it All Natural:

Ensuring that your products are all-natural is an important factor in your skin care regimen if you’re looking for protective, even anti-aging properties. Stick with all-natural products you can trust to take good care of your skin, gently cleanse, restore moisture, infuse antioxidants, and protect from the sun.

Seal in Moisture:

Year-round, but especially in the dry, frigid chill of winter, it’s important to keep your skin moisturized. Dry skin leads to parchment-like skin and eventually wrinkles, weakening and dulling your skin as it loses moisture. A high-quality moisturizer will brighten your skin, improve elasticity, and retain collagen for a firm, glowing smooth skin.

Facial oils (like Rosehip Oil from the previous post) will soften and condition the skin, and serums will firm, tighten, and hydrate, leaving you with beautifully moisturized skin. When you use the two in tandem, you end up with youthful, conditioned, glowing, enviable skin.

Premature skin aging

Protect Your Skin from the Sun:

Your skincare regimen should be like your armor: protecting your skin from exposure to pollutants, carcinogens, free radicals, and most importantly the sun. Does your skincare routine include an SPF that will protect your face from harmful UV rays? Keep your skin bright, even, and firm with a skincare line that keeps the sun at bay.

Incorporate an all-natural sunscreen that’s free of toxins into your skincare regimen to shield your skin from the sun, while keeping pores clear and your body free from exposure to dangerous chemicals and additives.

Premature skin aging

Practice Gentle, Effective Cleansing:

Before you crawl into bed for the night, you want to remove excess grime. Makeup, pollutants, and grime block oxygen from reaching your skin, causing it to look dull and lose its firmness.

An aloe-based cleanser is gentle, balanced, and highly effective. Better yet, it also helps reduce inflammation, which can also cause aging. A phytonutrient cleanser contains moisturizing serums to condition and calms the skin as you sleep.

Premature skin aging

The fight against aging doesn’t require a complicated, expensive beauty regimen. In fact, eating well, staying well-hydrated, and getting plenty of rest are cornerstones of beautiful skin. When you pair this basic self-care with a gentle, all-natural skincare routine, you’ll find that your skin stays firm and bright for years to come.

Guest Author Bio:

Author Mariam Kathet is a blogger and infopreneur who writes on various topics, including anti-aging tips and skincare. At present, she works on behalf of Annmarie Skin Care.



Premature skin aging

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