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how to juggle motherhood and business

How to Juggle Motherhood with being a Full-time Entrepreneur

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Today’s article topic is a million dollar question: how to manage motherhood and your business at the same time. If you are someone who can relate to this, you will be happy to know I have interviewed an expert- Catherine DeFrancesco, Founder of SOL Yoga- in this topic recently. She was kind enough to share her story and gave advice. So grab your pens and get ready to take notes ladies!

Share a bit about your daily life.

I’m a mother, a business owner, and an innovator (I like to think!), who are elevating the health, fitness, yoga, and anything to enhance/improve one’s life – space! I currently own and run two yoga studios in Florida under my umbrella company, SOL Yoga.  For lack of better words, these are luxe destinations, offering infrared heated yoga, retail boutiques, smoothie bar, acupuncture, and skin treatments, under one roof. My mission to give people like me a beautiful space to unplug, enjoy a healthy sweat, try a new product or treatment, connect with others and practice much-needed self-care

how to juggle motherhood and business

Along with SOL Yoga, I’m also the CEO of an investment company, SOL Global Wellness, overseeing the development of private label health, beauty and wellness products that will be sold in SOL Yoga locations and stand-alone retail stores throughout Florida and beyond.  

A mother of four, I have two sons based in Europe with my two daughters in Miami, Florida – though soon off to boarding school in Switzerland. I have my hands full, but I juggle the best I can, often on a plane visiting my sons, including my eldest who is a professional race care driver en-route to Formula 1 circuit next (!) and lives in Italy currently.  Thankfully, I’ve really honed in on how not to stress, but rather surrender to the process, knowing I can’t control everything! Yoga has that effect and why I’m so passionately growing SOL Yoga! Get on the mat and change your life for the better is what I say and know first-hand!

how to juggle motherhood and business

How do you propose to manage the hectic life of managing a business and motherhood at the same time?

Ultimately, staying in the present moment is what has worked for me, and surrounding myself with a supportive team. I feel so fortunate my team is a positive thriving, empowering group of women who genuinely can finish my thoughts and sentences.  The support we have for each other, and the dedication we share in the business, is one powerful sisterhood let me tell you!

My advice for others is simple: Don’t be afraid to say ‘no’.  Don’t be afraid of what others may think either. Go with your gut, be patient, be kind and follow your heart’s calling…it’s the best, most accurate compass we have. 

how to juggle motherhood and business

As a mother and an entrepreneur, I know many of us struggle with time-management. What is your advice on that?

Routine, routine, routine! I go to bed before 10/10:30 pm most nights and get up at 5:30 am.  I turn my phone off and call it! During the daylight hours, I’ve learned to ask myself during work or while text messaging, ‘is this a good use of my time right now?’  Rather than get on social and look at Instagram for example, I’ve learned I’m less hurried when I save that for later so that I can focus on X, Y or Z instead.  It takes practice, but soon, your priorities become much clearer. I also carry a huge desk calendar (the big one!) in my bag at all times! I can write all my appointments, meetings, carpooling, etc right on it, and see what’s coming up at a glance! It’s my fool-proof way to keep track of my time, and I highly recommend!

how to juggle motherhood and business

How do you manage the stress and fatigue of being an entrepreneur and a mother?

Going to bed at a regular hour, taking a bath, drinking a warm cup of tea – all help me relax and get a good night’s sleep. If I don’t get 6-7 hours for whatever reason, I don’t stress over it. I find the less you focus on lack of sleep, the less stress you will feel. Choose to see the positive – hey, at least I got something, have a cup of coffee, some warm tea, and get on with your day!

Along with regular bedtime, I get up relatively early before my kids to enjoy quiet time, just for me, my dogs and starting my day off feeling a sense of gratitude.  Even just a few minutes of silence, watching the sunset really helps.  That, along with a daily sweat – whether a yoga class or going for a run outside, I need to move, and love it.

how to juggle motherhood and business

Where my kids are concerned, I am there for them any chance I can be! For example, I have no issues leaving work early to go watch my daughter’s track and field meet -and do so without guilt. Bottom line, my kids are still growing, they are amazing in so many ways – and I cherish our time together. Work can – and WILL wait if you let it. I believe my kids get the best version of me too. I’m showing them an example of work and life and giving my best. Not aiming for perfection, but certainly giving my best! Something I know they appreciate and do so in their own lives, which is a win-win.

how to juggle motherhood and business

If you can give advice to someone who has to manage the business and motherhood all by herself, what would that be?

Ask for help! We are better when we support one another.  When we share our learnings. “Confident women share” is my saying and I practice it whole-heartedly! So if you’re on your own and feeling swamped, call on a friend, a sister, a neighbor! Chances are she might have a great tip, a problem solution or maybe just a glass of wine to share with.  We women can’t possibly believe business and motherhood are a ‘one or the other’ in our lives. They are inter-twined and once you learn you’re not equipped to do it all PERFECTLY, and you have to take care of yourself first, you’re ahead of the game! Like the airplane example, put your oxygen mask first, and then you can help others around you. 

how to juggle motherhood and business

About Catherine DeFrancesco:

Catherine DeFrancesco is the founder of SOL Yoga. A business visionary, health warrior and CEO with SOL Yoga, Catherine De Francesco is not only elevating the yoga landscape with her creative play on the traditional, but the SOL Yoga brand is providing wellness seekers with a one-of-a-kind, all-encompassing body and soul-loving destination like never before.

So, share with us…. how do you manage motherhood and your work??

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how to juggle motherhood and business

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