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breast cancer

Building back confidence after breast cancer

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Some Beauty Routines You Can Follow After Breast Cancer To Feel Your Best

Cancer is a very sensitive topic in my family because we have already lost 5 members to this disease. So I try to create awareness and value to any person who is going through this.

As October is the breast cancer awareness month, this year I am interviewing Brianna Thompson on how to build back confidence after breast cancer with some easy beauty routines.

breast cancer

Brianna Thompson is a professional makeup artist and Founder of Brianna Michelle Beauty– she works to customize and create hair and makeup looks by transforming you into the best version that you can possibly be.

As October is Breast cancer awareness month, we would like to focus on beauty tips for a breast cancer survivor. What do you think are the main challenges here?

Brianna: Some of the main challenges for breast cancer survivors are dry flaky skin and sallow, discolored skin. It’s important to keep the skin hydrated and appearance looking healthy by using proper skincare products. Women still want to feel beautiful, of course, so it’s important for them to know how to achieve that confidence again.

breast cancer

What skincare tips can you give to a breast cancer survivor? Can you please share some makeup tips to look and feel the best?

Brianna: I would tell breast cancer survivors to make sure to get facials, use Vitamins and get a good makeup lesson.  Getting a series of good facials, will quickly help provide hydration to the skin for a more healthy glow. For vitamins, I prefer Vitafusion’s Gorgeous Hair, Skin and Nails gummies. They are chewable and easy to take and give your hair, skin, and nails the daily nutrients it needs to heal.

breast cancer

Lastly, I recommend a custom makeup lesson with a professional. I offer both in the home and online makeup lessons that are tailored to you and your specific needs so you know how to properly address your beauty concerns right in the comfort of your own home and you can inquire at Brianna Michelle Beauty email beautybybri@gmail.com.

Last of all, What is the one thing you will advise a reader of Sifa’s Corner? Why?

Brianna: Be consistent with your vitamin intake, skincare, and beauty routine. By keeping a healthy routine, and a consistency, you will start to feel better in no time.

If you want to read how to give yourself a routine checkup for any lumps or abnormalities, check out the previous post about Breast cancer signs, symptoms and what can you do to decrease the risk.

breast cancer


breast cancer

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