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5 Things of October

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


I started my blog 7 years ago to share one of the most personal aspects of my life. But as time went by and my small blog became a full-on-website, I have started to share less personal and more general topics. Somehow it feels like cheating with my long-time readers. If you are here for these long 7 years, or closer to 7, please accept my love and gratitude for the support you have given me. To honor the foundation of Sifa’s Corner, I am starting a series from today. I will be making a list of 5 things (anything that’s happening in my life or a hack I have found) at the end of each month. So get ready to read about the 5 things of October.

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Happy birthday to my blog and to me! Yes, I have celebrated my 31st birthday this year and my Sifa’s Corner crossed its 7th year. It still feels like a surreal experience to open up and write in a public place and people actually reading and responding. I am truly blessed by the support!




In case you didn’t know, I have a 2 years old baby girl. Funny thing is when I was pregnant I wanted her hair to be silky straight. But in real life, she has the most beautiful wavy curls, which looks adorable. But it’s hard to maintain the curls since they get tangled easily. So I have started to spray a little bit of OGX coconut oil mist on the ends of her hair and voila, the tangles are gone!


I have found this amazing and cute cake shop here in Fargo, it’s called Fantasies in Frosting.


To the busy entrepreneurs, do utilize Google Calendar. I have started using it for scheduling my work and deadlines and it has made scheduling all things so easy…..Plus, it’s free.


To get relief from chronic pain, take a warm shower after a long day. After you are done with your warm shower, use tolerable cold water shower. It somehow “masks” the pain.


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