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7 Steps to Follow for Proper Foot Care at Home

7 Steps to Follow for Proper Foot Care at Home

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


Guest post by Shelby McKee, founder of KEYSOCKS

After a winter spend hibernating inside boots, most women’s feet could use a freshening up before they make their debut in strappy summer sandals and flip-flops. A quality pedicure at a salon can do a lot to start the beauty ball rolling for your feet, but many common complaints cannot be solved with a one and done treatment. KEYSOCKS has put together the following tips to keep feet looking and feeling beautiful throughout spring and summer.

7 Steps to Follow for Proper Foot Care at Home

Stay hydrated

Dry skin and nails can be a sign of many things, one being dehydration. If you are not drinking enough fluids during the day it will show on your skin.


Wear socks 

Skinny jeans look fabulous paired with pumps, cute sneakers and flats. But going barefoot in these shoes can lead to sweat, blisters, peeling skin and foster bacterial growth. Wear invisible socks that give you a barefoot look, like KEYSOCKS, but keep your feet protected.


Exfoliate in the shower

Your feet get warm and skin starts to soften while you stand in the shower so before you turn off the water, grab a foot file or pumice stone and give the bottom of your feet and your heels a light scrubbing to remove dead skin cells. You’ll save time by not having to soak them before exfoliating like you normally would.


Clean your shoes

When temperatures heat up people tend to spend more time barefoot. Then they put their dirty feet into their shoes. Cleaning the inside of your shoes is just as important as making sure the exterior looks good. Pull inserts out of shoes and wash them by hand then lay them in the sun to dry. Flip-flops can be cleaned with light detergents or use a bacteria killing spray for shoes.


Buy the right size shoe

Feet swell throughout the day so making sure there is enough room for your toes in the morning is essential to avoiding rubbing, pinching, blisters and corns.


Choose natural materials

Synthetic materials and shoes made out of plastic don’t breathe in the hot spring and summer temperatures making your feet sweat more than normal. Opt for breathable, natural materials that absorb sweat and let air circulate around your feet.


Use antibacterial soap

If your feet smell and the odor is starting to leach into your shoes skip fancy lotions, powders and medications. The cure could be as simple as an inexpensive bar of antibacterial soap. Suds up your feet every time you bathe to keep odor causing bacteria at bay.




KEYSOCKS got its start when on a chilly day in 2009 when the founder, Shelby McKee, was headed to a Cincinnati Bengals football game and refused to compromise her style to stay warm.  Instead, Shelby took her husband’s knee high sock; cut a hole in it, and the first pair of KEYSOCKS was born.  Shelby proudly attended the game in her go-to skinny jeans with flats, while remaining warm and comfortable. When friends began asking where they could find her socks she knew she had developed a unique product. After years of perfecting the design, Shelby recruited her two sisters Christy and Stefanie to launch KEYSOCKS in 2012.


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