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Non Surgical Beauty Treatments

4 Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments Worth Trying in 2019

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

The beauty industry is coming up with new products and treatments so quickly it’s impossible to keep up. Every couple of months a new procedure emerges as a must-try, yet even the biggest beauty enthusiasts can’t handle trying everything (and neither can their wallets). 

In 2019, dermatologists and cosmetologists have been particularly creative with new technology. On the other hand, facial massages are more popular than ever, with the arrival of all kinds of derma rollers and the jade and rose quartz rollers so loved by influencers. Permanent makeup is also very sought after; no surprise when you consider all the benefits. Here are 4 innovative non-surgical beauty treatments which have been hyped up for a reason.

Non-Surgical Beauty Treatments are as follows:


The advent of permanent makeup has been a huge relief for all the busy moms, athletes, people who like the look of makeup on their face but detest the daily reapplication, as well as those suffering from certain conditions such as vitiligo or hair loss. Permanent makeup is an umbrella term for a range of different procedures that result in makeup looks which last a significantly longer time than the wear of regular makeup – we’re talking months, even years.

The most popular permanent makeup treatment is definitely microblading. The result of this procedure is a pair of refreshed, thick eyebrows that last up to two years without touching up. The technicians, or microblading artists, as they’re called, use microneedles to inject pigment into the skin, imitating the color and thickness of the natural hairs. They modify the shape of the eyebrows to best suit the facial structure of their client, as well as mix custom pigments to match the color to the natural hair color as closely as possible. The pigments used are iron oxides, and allergic reactions are extremely rare. The tint is injected between the dermis and the epidermis, which is why the results fade after about two years, unlike tattoos, which are permanent.

The cost of a two-hour session varies significantly. It can be anywhere from 250 to 800 dollars, depending on the artist. Choosing an artist is the most important step towards a satisfying result. It is crucial to pick a certified professional such as those who have gone through proper training like- PhiBrows USA microblading training, someone who is experienced and uses top quality tools and pigments.

Also, if you decide to get your brows microbladed, don’t be afraid to be vocal about the look you want, but take the artist’s advice into consideration. After all, they know what the’re doing.

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Non Surgical Beauty Treatments Microblading


More and more people are reluctant to go under the knife, so the industry had to get creative and come up with non-surgical alternatives. Some of them didn’t quite hit a home run, but some are extremely efficient. One of those is Ultherapy.

Ultherapy is a non-surgical alternative to a facelift, the basis of which is ultrasound technology, hence the name. Using focused ultrasound energy, muscles beneath the skin, the skin itself and superficial wrinkles are targeted in order to stimulate the production of collagen in those areas. The areas that can be treated are wrinkles on the chest, neck, and face. It successfully fights sagging skin too, especially in the area just under the brows. 

The number of satisfied patients is significant. The procedure lasts 30-90 minutes, takes virtually no preparation and the recovery is minimal to non-existent. The price varies depending on the physician, but it generally starts at $2500.

Non Surgical Beauty Treatments Ultherapy

Facial Sculpting Massages:

People tend to forget that our facial structure is made up of muscles, too, not just bone. Just like any other muscle in our body, facial muscles need toning. Throughout the day, laughing, eating, talking and all the facial expressions we make is exercise for our facial muscles, but not many people know about the benefits of facial massages.

Although we can do a basic facial massage at home, cosmeticians have taken it to the next level and came up with facial sculping – another nonsurgical alternative to a facelift. The special massage technique tightens the skin, smoothes out wrinkles, and most importantly, strengthens the muscles underneath. It also stimulates blood flow and triggers lymphatic drainage. The results are younger-looking skin, but the massage also breaks down fat, so the face is contoured, the features are more pronounced, and that double chin? Gone. 

In order for the treatment to work, it must be done regularly, but it is 100% safe and enjoyable.

Here are some facial massaging products beauty bloggers and skincare fanatics swear by:


The benefits of cooling treatments have been well known to athletes for a long time. Cooling has finally been integrated into facial treatments in the form of cryotherapy, or ice facials, as they’re sometimes called.

The greatest benefit of intense cooling is increased blood circulation, which on its own gives the skin volume. But sub-zero temperatures also trigger exfoliation of dead cells on the skin’s surface and strengthens it, which allows healthy, younger-looking new skin to break through to the surface. The treatment reduces wrinkles and fine lines and minimizes pores.

There are several versions of the procedures – some technicians use balls made of ice and special gels which they run across your skin for about 10 minutes, other places just use cold air in combination with infrared light for maximum results. Either way, the procedure is quick and painless, albeit a bit uncomfortable. 

Non Surgical Beauty Treatments Cryotherapy

Have you tried any of these 4 non-surgical beauty treatments yet? How was your experience? Let us know below!

Non Surgical Beauty Treatments
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