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5 Ways To Make Your Style Work For You

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Most of us sometimes face different style problems and one of them is how to make your style work for you.  It’s not surprising if you are not satisfied with your wardrobe. Do you think your clothes are out of fashion? Do you feel uncomfortable wearing skirts made by unknown designers? Would you like people to be delighted with your style? Or maybe you just want to change something in your life? If you can answer “yes” at least to one of these questions, this article is exactly for your reading.

So… you have some difficulties with your style. Don’t worry – you are not alone here. Check out our article to get a dose of inspiration for making your style do the best work in your favor.

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Make Sure Your Style Is Comfortable for You

First of all, don’t forget that if you feel uncomfortable, you probably look uncomfortable as well! Imagine you are wearing the most fashionable and very expensive shoes. Sounds perfect, isn’t it? And now imagine these shoes are too tight, they are rubbing and you are walking like a duck. Would you feel self-confident and irresistible at this point? I am not sure.

If any discomfort disturbs you, you will definitely look uncomfortable. Being aware that something is wrong with your outfit makes you tugging and adjusting your clothes all the time in desperate efforts to hide this fact. Thus, all disadvantages are evident to everybody.

It’s Not About the Trend, It’s About What Suits You

You should also remember that fashion and trendy clothes are not always the same as those, which are good and suitable exactly for you. All new trends are demonstrated by special models and, usually, the outfits are made according to their parameters and taking into account all peculiarities of their bodies. So, you can never expect that those clothes will fit you just like they fit the model. You are unique, so do not tend to be like others, through buying fashionable items, anyway, it is not the gay coat that makes the gentleman.

It is important to choose not fashionable, but YOUR own style. Perhaps, a simple pencil skirt will stress the advantages of your body much better than up-to-date designer clothes. Emphasize your strong points, don’t hide them.

Know Your Winning Colors

Another essential thing for creation your own and unique style is to understand what colors are the most suitable for you. This will allow you to properly emphasize your style and to show your face in advantage. Clothes should be in the background, only in this way your personality goes before your image. Coco Chanel said: “If a woman is poorly dressed, you notice her dress, and if she’s impeccably dressed, you notice the woman.”

This also applies to the choice of clothing color: “The best color in the whole world is the one that looks good on you” – she insisted. And really, the right color can make you look less tired and younger. So, get tested to identify your seasonal color type (there are four: a spring, summer, autumn, and winter) and follow it during your next shopping expedition.

What Are the Needs of Your Style?

Or what are the requirements for your outfit? Another tip to force your style work for you is to make it as appropriate for your daily routine as possible.

Analyze the contents of your wardrobe. Choose the clothes that you wear most often, those which are comfortable for you, and then think about why you choose those particular items. For example, suits are more popular than jeans in your closet, because it’s required by your office dress code, or maybe the majority of your shoes is on flat soles, as you work on foot daily. Make a list of your favorites, or must-haves: suits, flat shoes, etc. – it will help to realistically evaluate your style in accordance with your daily necessities.

Don’t Feel Married to Your Style

Do you no longer feel comfortable in your old clothes or you’ve suddenly stopped like it? Maybe, some changes are happening in your life right now, and your clothes just can’t keep up with you? Remember that your own style is not a constant, but is something mobile and developing. Your style transforms along with your personality throughout the life, therefore, as soon as something new happens, do not be afraid to update your style. Many celebrities faced various fashion experiments when their age, image, family status or career were close to a total reboot. So, feel free to taste something new and unknown in your unique personal style.

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Written by Nancy Cooper 

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