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REVIEW: Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


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Hello friends! Welcome back to my blog. Recently I have started using a new face cleanser from Michael Todd Beauty and after using it throughout this month, I think I need to share about this product.

Those who follow my blog regularly, must have come across my previous posts about other Michael Todd Beauty products like  Honey & Oat Gentle Deep Pore Cleanser,  Citrus Spray Hydrating Mist, or  Michael Todd Soniclear Elite. All of these products are/were part of my skincare routine for a long time. I still use the Soniclear Elite and the Hydrating mist. Now a new facial cleanser has taken the place of the old one and that is: Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser.

Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser


An award winning deep pore gel cleanser formulated with highly absorbent activated charcoal, tea tree and botanical extracts in a soothing case of 100% pure Organic Aloe Vera Leaf Juice.

Ideal for oily and blemish prone skin types. Helps to removes excess oil and lift impurities from pores while promoting balance for an improved look in clarity and health of the complexion.



Retails for $23 and found online here.


Michael Todd Beauty has changed the packaging of this product and now the cleanser comes in this signature purple pump bottle. Personally I like pump bottles for cleansers and shampoos because imagine you are closed-eyed with water on your face and struggling with the cap of the container…. it’s kinda annoying!

Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser


Nowadays “Charcoal” is like a buzzword. Due to its unique properties, many skincare products are being formulated with this ingredient. Let’s to see what else the product contains.

Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser

The facial cleanser is formulated WITHOUT:

-Water or Cheap Fillers
-Artificial Dyes
-Synthetic Fragrance
-Mineral Oil

Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser


The thick gel like cleanser works best if you wet your face first with water then gently massage the product on your skin. At first there will be no noticeable foam or lather, but as you begin to massage the product it will lather up. I massage the cleanser on my skin first then I use my facial brush to clean the skin thoroughly. And following is the end result after washing my face:

Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser

Excuse the bushy brows and bare face.


  • Cleans skin thoroughly.
  • Leaves skin smooth.
  • Takes off makeup really well.


This specific formula will be a bit drying for dry skin.


Overall, my skin agrees with Michael Todd Charcoal Detox Deep Pore Gel Cleanser. It’s gentle enough to not dry out my combination skin and strong enough to take off the oil, dirt and makeup.

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