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The Busy Woman’s Guide to Health and Fitness

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Guest article contributed by Ryan Blair

When it comes to staying healthy, many women feel like they simply do not have the time to exercise or fix meals at home. However, it really is quite easy to maintain a high level of health and fitness without spending a large amount of time away from other responsibilities. In fact, most of the steps women can take to maintain their highest level of health are achievable in 10 minutes or less per day.


Water Intake

One of the most important components to achieving and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is adequate water consumption. At the very least, an average adult should consume no less than two liters of water per day. However, drinking more water throughout each day can significantly increase your body’s ability to wash out toxins and recover from physical exercise. And, when coupled with other forms of anti aging skin care, water can help skin retain a youthful appearance. Simply carry around a bottle with you and sip your water throughout the day until you achieve your daily goal.


Nutritious Food

Whether your goal is to build muscle, lose weight or simply maintain your current level of health and fitness, paying close attention to what you eat is a vital component to achieving and maintaining your ideal health. In addition to watching your caloric intake, it is best to consume a diet with a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, fruits and vegetables. If you are busy and don’t have time to cook, there’s no need to panic. Fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts are easy to grab on the go.



Although it is best to exercise several times a week for the ultimate level of fitness, even a 10 minute walk or jog can have a significant impact on your overall health. In fact, developing a fitness routine can even enable you to be more productive during your workday, thus possibly providing you with more time to focus on more specific fitness or weight loss goals.


Adequate Sleep

In today’s world of constant information and increasing demands in the workplace and at home, many women do not get nearly enough sleep. The danger of this is that not only might you be less productive during waking hours (and constantly plagued with the desire to curl up on your office desk mat for a quick nap), but a lack of sleep over a long period can also reduce your body’s ability to heal itself and fight off infection. In addition, when you are chronically tired, you’re more likely to grab a hamburger or bag of chips rather than staying focused on consuming healthier foods.



Even if you are not suffering from a severe vitamin deficiency, there are a number of supplements that can aid your body’s immune system and increase your energy level. In addition to a multivitamin, vitamins B12, D and C can significantly improve your overall physical health.


Positive Influences

A powerful component to maintaining your highest level of health includes surrounding yourself with others who share similar thoughts and ideals when it comes to living a healthy lifestyle. If you spend the majority of your time with people who choose not to exercise or pay attention to the food they consume, you can easily fall into unhealthy temptations.


Small Steps

Even the simplest lifestyle changes can significantly improve your health as well as increase your awareness about how daily choices affect the way you feel. Possibly one of the easiest ways to promote your healthy lifestyle is to take the stairs whenever possible. Rather than waiting for an elevator and riding to your desired floor, allow yourself a few extra minutes to climb the stairs and boost your metabolism at work or when shopping at the mall.



While it is often difficult to make your own health a top priority, it is vital to prioritize your life to ensure that your mind and body are getting what they need to function at their best. Taking a few minutes to focus on yourself can go a long way in boosting your outlook, which significantly increases your ability to take care of yourself.


Healthy Relationships

Maintaining positive relationships with your friends and family is a small, but achievable way to improve your mental and physical health. Take charge of each relationship and decide for yourself whether the people in your life are helpful or hindering to your overall health and well-being.


Make Time for Yourself

Taking time out for yourself for even a few minutes each day can help you maintain a clear image of yourself and where you want to go in your life. Participating in meditation or yoga for even five minutes a day is beneficial as well.


In a world of busy work schedules and constant communication, there has never been a more important time to look out for your own health and well-being. By following a few simple tips, even the busiest woman can significantly improve her quality of life.

This article is written by Ryan Blair who is a freelance writer specializing in the fitness, alternative exercise & diets.


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johnkeplarr March 20, 2016 - 3:52 am

Here you have provided some good tips for fitness.But from my view , be positive minded is the best practice for keep health mind & fitness.some more tips:
1. Don’t Skip Breakfast
2. Admire Your Work
3. Avoid Fad Diets

Kate March 8, 2016 - 4:56 am

Great share – positive influences is my favourite. Lack of time is so common with exercise and I see it a lot with my clients. I do highly recommend looking up HIIT workouts to get the most out of a workout if anyone is lacking some time :). Also, awesome tip about the positive influence exercise can have on your workday!! Kate, Wondrous x


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