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How to Make Your Holiday Season Stress Free

Tips on How to Make Your Holiday Season Stress Free

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

The holiday season is almost upon us. It is indeed the most wonderful time of the year but it can be also the most stressful time for many people. With all the holiday parties everywhere, gift-giving, finding the right outfit, and also the ongoing pandemic situation is going to be some of the top stressors you will encounter this holiday season. 

If you’ve been experiencing huge stress every holiday then it’s time to make a change, right? After all, holidays are meant for enjoying and not stressing. We have compiled our best tips you can use this coming season to help you have a lovely stress-free time. 

How to Make Your Holiday Season Stress Free:

Avoid last-minute shopping

Last-minute shopping can be very stressful and people tend to do this a lot. Especially busy professionals who don’t have the time to shop in advance results in malls getting very crowded, longer lines, out-of-stock items, getting home late. You don’t want to get in this loop because it’ll suck the energy out of you, and it might spoil your holiday even more. 

What you can do is try to shop as early as possible, if you’ve been going to the mall months away from holidays, you can already start buying stuff one at a time. You’ll be surprised that you don’t need to shop anymore and if you still do, you don’t need to do THAT much shopping.  

You can also try online shopping this year. It not only saves time, money but also avoids any unnecessary social encounters that can spread COVID-19.

Only spend within your means. 

Sometimes, it can be overwhelming to spend for ourselves and our loved ones especially when the spirit of Christmas is there. As much as we get joy from giving, don’t forget to save your money for more important reasons.  

The money you make wouldn’t increase over the holidays, spend wisely. Think of how much you can spend without touching your savings or getting more than half of your paycheck, then don’t go above your limit. Gifts don’t have to be fancy. You can also try thrift shopping. Here’s a guide on Beginners Guide To Thrift Shopping.

Don’t forget to pamper yourself! 

With all the shopping and gift-wrapping, you should reward yourself with a relaxing facial or a great beauty product. Try out stuff you haven’t tried out yet like engaging in Korean skincare, you’ll be surprised at how it can enhance your skin and improve your beauty routine! 

With that said, Korean beauty products can also make great gifts especially for your family and friends who struggle with skin problems. You can check out brands like SKINFOOD which also offers vegan and vegetarian approved products! 

Celebrations don’t have to be extravagant. 

A simple celebration with your loved ones is more than enough to make up for lost times. Just some homecooked meals from your loved one can already bring the holiday spirit. You can also spend your time in the backyard with some barbeque and burgers, or a picnic at your favorite park. You can do a lot of fun things without spending too much.

How to Make Your Holiday Season Stress Free

Don’t ditch your diet completely 

We know the most wonderful time of the year is also our most-awaited cheat season. Who could resist those mouthwatering dishes and desserts waiting for you at the table? Definitely not all of us! It’s okay to indulge yourself in those sinful treats but don’t overindulge. It’s important to be conscious of what we eat especially now that we’re not growing any younger, we’re more prone to getting serious health conditions. Read more on: How To Create Your Own Personalized Diet Plan.

Follow COVID-19  guidelines

This year our holiday celebration will be a little different. Many cities are going on lockdown again and in many cities, the COVID-19 rate has increased. Although we do not know how the situation will be in the holiday season, it’s highly recommended that you practice COVID-19 prevention guidelines.

Have FUN! 

There’s no such thing as a perfect holiday. Something could always go wrong and that’s totally normal! Learn how to appreciate everything that’s going on and have fun with it. Greet random strangers and make someone smile. Positive energy can be so contagious and it could really go a long way. It’s what we need not only this holiday season, it’s what we need to do while we’re still alive. 

The holiday season is the time that we think about our loved ones the most but you should not forget the most important person you should take care of, yourself. May we have a peaceful and joyful holiday with our friends and loved ones.  

How do you make your holiday season stress free? Share with us in the comments below! 

How to Make Your Holiday Season Stress Free

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