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Beginners Guide To Thrift Shopping

Beginners Guide To Thrift Shopping

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Buying second-hand clothes or Thrift shopping might not sound pleasing to many of us, but it is a good option – for price and style. Not many are aware of the fact that almost every 5 out of 8 in the US prefer thrift shopping accounting for an annual sale of 24 billion dollars. The stats clearly show the significance and acceptance of thrift shopping among the people in 2020. 

Thrift shopping can be an affordable and environment-friendly option. If you are considering going for thrift shopping and unaware of how to do it perfectly, here are some of the most important aspects that will help you conduct the best shopping experience.  Keep on reading!

Advantages of Thrift Shopping  

To help you understand the benefits associated with the thrift-shopping, here are the reasons why you should consider it:

  1. Thrift Shopping Is Good For The World:

Some of the leading brands use cheap materials for production. Ultimately, these wear out with time and get obsolete in regards to the fashion industry. That means the outfit/shoes or bangs you are buying may only last a few years or months. Ultimately you are going to discard these and they will end up in landfills.

  1. Thrift Shopping Puts Money Back Into The Community:

Thrift Stores are places that offer you to use the money for a good cause. Most of the money is used for the support of the weak community, unlike the expensive profitable famous brands.  

  1. Thrift Shopping Saves You Money:

You can buy yourself something attractive and vintage at a low price, allowing you to save a significant amount of cash. A well-stitched suit that you can get at $150 can easily be bought at $20 – $25. 

  1. A Step Towards Sustainable Shopping:

Not everyone can spend hundreds of dollars while shopping from renowned brands. If you are the one with a tight budget and want to save, ignore the stigma of thrift shopping, and opt for a more sustainable option. 

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Thrift Shopping Tips 

After reviewing all the benefits, you must now be curious to know some of the most alluring tips and tricks to conducting this effectively. Therefore, consider the following aspects before going out to buy yourself your favorite clothes.

Effective Use Of Your Smart Devices

If you are fed-up of wearing the same old-fashioned clothes and looking to improve your style, you can consider visiting a thrift mall. However, you just need to know that when going for thrift shopping you must be having some pre-set buying goals.

Not having some prerequisites will not let you shop effectively and you may end up wasting your money by buying some useless items. Just for a quick reference, use your smartphone and look for trending clothing designs. It is a smart practice, and you are not going to buy many clothes, due to the factor of being cheap.

Thrift store

Try Everything On

To find the perfect fit for yourself, you need to opt for the try-on strategy. Considering what I usually prefer, I am the one who always try every suit and dress I find interesting. Just by looking and feeling the fabric may not help you out. People often end up buying loose or tight clothing as they don’t consider trying in every piece they decide to buy.  This process may be time-consuming to many; however, it can help you significantly in buying a perfect outfit.

Shop The Men’s Section For High Waist Denim

I remember that the last time I visited a thrift shop, I searched for every nook and corner of the male denim store. If you are looking for vintage denim style jeans or cutoff jeans shorts, consider going for the denim male section to find yourself the best ones.  There, you can find the most inexpensive clothes in a much better condition, and a variety of available sizes. You can find jeans that are only used once or twice and then given to thrift shops.

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Look With Your Fingers, Not Your Eyes 

One of the essential tips that you must exclusively adopt is to look at each and every cloth thoroughly with your eyes, and also use your hand to search for the hidden gems beneath the stack. Most of the keepers tend to hide extraordinary pieces beneath the pile to keep it out of the reach of customers, to be sold later at higher prices. Therefore, scour for the best piece, texture, and fabric. Working with this strategy can help you win the most outstanding piece of the garment at the most affordable price. While using your hand and eyes wisely, look for these to get the maximum advantage.

Shop Near Wealthy Communities

If you are the one who is looking for a branded second-hand item, consider visiting a thrift shop situated near wealthy communities. You can definitely find super extensive brands, offering you used branded clothes and other items at a very low price. I can guarantee you that you can find Louis Vuitton bags, Gucci wallets, and Armani’s wearable if you opt for a thrift shop located nearby a wealthy community. You must be aware of the fact that these items will be a bit costly and can be above your budget. This is why do your research and search online to get the idea of product and pricing. Check out this previous article on: Thrift Vs. Online Shopping – Which One Is Suitable for You?

Consider Tailoring Your Finds

As we all are aware that you hardly find the exact sizes at thrift stores, therefore, if you find the dress of your dream, it is big and does not fit you, do not drop that. Consider taking it to your tailor or DIY the dress if you know how to sew and tailor. You will be absolutely amazed at how unique and beautiful a thrift-store find can be if it is properly tailored.

Tailoring Outfits

With all the benefits mentioned above, I believe that you will now surely visit a thrift store. I would suggest you keep your wardrobe small with quality clothes. Do not fill it with useless dresses that don’t help you look good and stylish. Your style greatly impacts your personality. Therefore, consider buying the one that helps you outshine. 

Do you like thrift shopping? Share your tips with us below!

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