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Giorgio Armani Neonude Collection review

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection- Review on Brown Combination Skin

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Giorgio Armani is definitely one of the high-end brands I love to splurge on. I have previously tried their Luminous Slik Foundation, Primer, and Lip Maestro Liquid lipstick and they are 3 of my trusted products. Armani Beauty recently has launched the Neo Nude collection and the brand sent me these products to review. They also organized a masterclass for us so that we can learn about the product features, application technique, and insider details. So today I am going to share what I have learned about Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection and talk about how the products worked on my brown combination skin.

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection:

Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection has 6 types of products. All of these are meant to give you a no-makeup makeup look.

  • Neo Nude Foundation
  • Neo Nude Compact Powder Foundation or Fusion Powder
  • Neo Nude A- Highlight
  • Neo Nude A- Contour
  • Neo Nude A- Blush
  • Ecstasy Balm

PACKAGING: All of the products come in beautifully crafted sleek packaging with the brand signature. Light creamy pink seems to be the core color of this collection. I love the aesthetically pleasing way you can see the blush, contour and highlight color from the outside of their containers. These will be also good for traveling.

PRICE & AVAILABILITY: The products’ price range from $34 to $64, you can find the exact price below when I talk about them specifically. From the price point, they are mid to high range. You can find this collection on GiorgioArmani , Sephora, Nordstrom, Macy’s, Bloomingdale’s.

Giorgio Armani Neonude
Giorgio Armani Neonude review
Giorgio Armani Neonude

Neo Nude Foundation:

The Neo Nude foundation is described as “An ultra-lightweight, skincare-infused foundation that delivers a natural healthy-looking glow, all-day hydration, with light-buildable coverage.” It comes in 24 shades and in squeeze tubes. I found that it feels more like a tinted moisturizer without feeling too “creamy”. Here is what I found:

  • it’s lightweight,
  • blends well with fingers, brush, and sponge
  • After blending on the skin, you can see and feel that your skin is looking and feeling like actual skin. The product doesn’t just sit on top like a mask, it’s almost like skincare with tint.
  • The instruction says to, “Use fingertips to apply to the center of the face and blend outward”. You can use a brush too to blend it, or a wet sponge. But a sponge makes the product a little sheerer. So stick to your fingers or a brush if you want light-medium coverage.
  • This foundation, on its own, is not that long-lasting which is understandable due to the product characteristics. With a primer and powder on top, it stayed for 5-6 hours.
  • I didn’t feel like my face got too oily (unlike some tinted foundation/ BB creams). The face looked relatively matte, some shine was noticed on the forehead and nose.
  • For my skin color, I used a blend of 6 and 6.5. If you check Giorgio Armani website, you will see these shades fall under the MEDIUM section. I would like to try the TAN section especially shade 7 (Medium to Tan- Peach) and shade 8 (Tan- Neutral) to see if they match my skin better.
  • PRICE: $40, can be found on Sephora.

Neo Nude Compact Powder Foundation or Fusion Powder:

The Neo Nude Compact is a pure pigment powder that can be used as a finishing powder to complete your “no makeup” makeup look with an effortless glow. Armani Beauty advises that It can also be worn alone as a powder foundation with sheer coverage.

Powder foundations are traditionally formulated with “white filler powder” that cause light to reflect off the skin in photographs. The Neo Nude Compact contains pure pigments that eliminate this “flash-effect” and leave your skin looking photo-ready throughout the day.

Here is what you should know about this product:

  • It comes in 10 shades.
  • The outer packaging of the compact matches the shade inside. So if you have more than one shade it will be easier for you to pick the desired one.
  • It’s a “finishing” powder which means- this is to be applied after your makeup for the purpose of locking your foundation in place while providing a subtle blur of pores, wrinkles, fine lines, and uneven skin texture.
  • The powder is silky smooth and blends into the skin extremely well…. as the matter of fact, so well that if you use it without any foundation you can not feel anything on the skin.
  • The powder is not super matte, it has a slight sheen- just like our skin naturally has. (Surprise surprise! our skin is not super matte like the one you get after the setting-powder-baking)
  • Look at the swatch carefully, you will see what I mean. I applied it with my fingers so that you can notice the difference. With a brush, it’s almost undetectable!
  • Price: $64, the priciest product in this collection and can be found on Giorgio Armani.

Neo Nude Cheek Products:

Neo Nude A-Lines are water-based liquid colors that instantly fuse with the skin, providing a healthy-looking, glowing complexion. According to the brand: Choose shades based on skin undertone and depth to enhance and define the features. Reapply as desired.

  • Effortlessly blendable and buildable.
  • Easy to apply.
  • You can use this to provide a sheer flush of color to fit any look.
  • You can use these on your lips and eyes too for a subtle hint of color.
  • I found it works best with fingers. Just dab some dots on your skin and blend with a clean finger.
  • My most favorite is the highlight shade. For everyday basis, I love to have a hint of shine without being too obvious. As you can see below, under sunlight it gives a beautiful sheen.
  • Here are the shade ranges for the blush, highlight, and contour.
  • Price: $36 each, found at Giorgio Armani.

Ecstasy Balm 1:

The Ecstasy Balm is described as a “Lipstick that enhances your natural lip color, while providing comfort and hydration for 8 hours. The formula contains antioxidant caper oil which adds softness to the lips and provides a smooth texture that is non-sticky.”

  • Comes in 3 shades. Light Pink, Deep Pink and Plum. You can see the swatch of shade 2 on my skin.
  • Smells soft, feels more like a lip balm. It’s not sticky at all.
  • The lips feel smooth after application.
  • The formula is forgiving
  • The color payoff is sheer. On my dark lips, the color is not that noticeable.
  • It works wonderfully on top of a lip liner. Try this- use a nude-ish brown lipliner like MAC Spice and top it off with this Ecstasy Balm. It looks really pretty!
  • Price: $34, found on Armani Beauty.
In A Nutshell, Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection is……

……great for those days when you want a polished face without going overboard or everyday basis when you want to go easy on your skin. The highlight and the powder is the 2 thing I will recommend to try out from this collection before you try anything else.

Here’s a quick selfie after using all of these products.

Have you used anything from Giorgio Armani Neo Nude Collection? If not, which one would you like to try? Comment below!

Giorgio Armani Neonude collection Review

**The items featured in this post were provided by the brand for review. This does not affect my opinion of the item.**

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