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Spring 2020 Hair Trends

Spring 2020 Hair Trends: The 5 Prettiest Looks to Copy

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Spring is almost here and we couldn’t be happier about it. Sunny skies, warm weather and a light, spring breeze urging us to go outside and enjoy the fresh air. Of course, as with all other seasons, spring also brings new and exciting trends that we are looking forward to: not only fashion but also beauty trends, and most importantly, spring hair trends. After a long winter of covering our locks with hats, beanies and shawls, it is time to show off all the beauty of our hair. That is why we bring you the five prettiest hair trends to copy this spring. 

Spring 2020 Hair Trends:

Curtain bangs

If you have always wanted to try out bangs, now is the time to rock them. However, you don’t want to go with a straight cut; instead, opt for the ’70s-inspired curtain bangs that are the ultimate trademark of any cool girl. They look the best when parted in the middle and complemented with voluminous, long hair. In case you don’t have long or thick hair or simply cannot wait for your hair to grow out, go for hair extensions. This is also the secret to many celebrities’ alluring hairstyles, as a lot of famous ladies opt for extensions when they have a red carpet event. You can easily get quality seamless clip in hair extensions that will give both volume and length to your hair and together with chic bangs, frame your face and accentuate your natural beauty. Add a few curls to your hair extensions in order to make them blend in with your natural hair, blow-dry the bangs a bit and you will have a fresh and romantic spring look.

Here are some products we love for blow-dried smooth and sleek hair:

Bright hues

There is no better time to rock rose-pink hair than spring. The same as we opt for more colorful clothing items and we play more with our makeup by using bright eye shadows, we can refresh our hair in the same manner. A number of famous ladies have already happily accepted this trend and some have even gone for multicolored rainbow hair, which is another exceptional spring trend. In case you are not ready to risk the health of your hair with harsh dyes at a hair salon, you can try going for a bit lighter, semi-permanent tint. Additionally, if you like this trend but don’t want to permanently color your hair bright pink, blue or green, you can simply opt to refresh a few locks with a fun nuance. This will still give you hair a stunning look, only in a bit more subtle manner. 

Here are some products for color-treated hair you can try out:

Embellished hair

You can’t go wrong with some gems in your hair this spring, whether you opt for pearl bobby pins or go all out with a genuine piece of jewelry in your hair, like the famous look Charlize Theron had at the SAG Awards 2020. If you are choosing a more subtle look, pearl hair clips will add a romantic and feminine touch to your hairstyle. On the other hand, if you are going partying, you can rock the always-on-trend braids adorned with some fun pieces of accessory. Moreover, for a formal event or a romantic dinner, opt for a side part, soft waves and a couple of crystals fastened to your hair.

Wet look

The exceptionally sexy, wet hair look is making its comeback. Quite polished and thus sophisticated, slicked-back hair with a wet-looking texture is perfect for a romantic date on a chilly spring evening. It looks divine on basically all hair lengths and all you need to achieve it is- a fine comb, some hair gel and a bit of hairspray. This hairstyle will look exquisite when matched with an elegant spaghetti strap dress and a pair of black strappy sandals.

Here are some hair gels to get you started:

Face-framing highlights

The famous “money piece” trend is perfect for the upcoming spring. Face-framing highlights around your hairline will accentuate your skin tone while simultaneously making your hair color more prominent. They will also add more focus to your brows and eyes, and thus, your overall spring makeup look. This is just the right balayage technique for rejuvenating your hair for the warmer month, and it’s ideal for anyone who doesn’t want a complete hair color transformation. Once more, these highlights will look best on voluminous, long hair, so don’t hesitate to match them with your hair extensions. 

Finally, enjoy spring to its fullest with these gorgeous hairstyle trends. Whether you go for bright pink hair, curtain bangs, or simply add some romantic accessory to your hair, it is guaranteed that you will look and feel divine.

Which Spring hair trend are you most excited to try in 2020? Share with us below!

Spring 2020 Hair Trends
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