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Juvia's Place The Nudes, The Chocolates review

Review: Juvia’s Place The Nudes & The Chocolates Eyeshadow Palettes

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

I was debating from this morning whether I should upload a makeup product review in the midst of the pandemic. Then I thought, why shouldn’t I? We all need something light and colorful to take our minds off of the crisis. So here we are! I am going to review, swatch and show an easy eye makeup look with Juvia’s Place The Nudes, The Chocolates Eyeshadow Palettes.

Juvia’s Place The Nudes, The Chocolates Eyeshadow Palettes Review:

Let me tell you why I picked these 2 eyeshadow palettes to review today. When I posted a video of the PR package unboxing from Juvia’s Place on my Instagram , I added a poll to see which one people are most interested in. The Nudes and the Chocolates palettes- both were the winners with the highest votes. The other 2 palettes from the launch are the Violets and the Berries.

Juvia's Place The Nudes, The Chocolates review

Depending on your skin tone and color, these shades can be AMAZING for a nude-ish look or a super dramatic smokey eye. You can use the matte shades for a neutral everyday look/ work look to bring out your natural eye shape or add a bit of the shimmery shadows on the same look to make it night/party-time appropriate. I will go into the individual palettes below, but here are some of the key features of these eyeshadow palettes:

  • The matte shades are opaque and easy to build. They also blend beautifully.
  • As the matte shades are really pigmented, I would suggest applying the shadow with a brush and then blending it out with another clean blending brush. In this way, it will be easy to manage and you won’t have the trouble of putting on too much shadow and then trying to blend it for a long time.
  • The shimmer/glitter shades are rich and opaque without any glitter or shadow base underneath, they perform excellently.
  • The shimmery shades perform best if you apply them with your fingers or a damp brush.
  • Both palettes compliment each other pretty well.
  • These mini palettes retail for $14 and as the shadows are very pigmented, a little amount goes a long way.
  • These lightweight palettes are easy to travel with. But then, the color choices will be limited.
Juvia's Place The Nudes, The Chocolates review

THE NUDES eyeshadow palette:

Below you can find the finger swatches of the shadows, without any base underneath and swiped once. This palette has 3 metallic and 3 matte shadows.

  • 1st Shade: Described as a peachy metallic champagne with silver shimmer.
  • 2nd Shade: matte light beige.
  • 3rd Shade: metallic champagne with gold shimmer, more like a pale gold.
  • 4th Shade: matte light peach.
  • 5th Shade: metallic champagne with pink base.
  • 6th Shade: matte terracotta brown or a medium warm brown with orange base.

THE CHOCOLATES eyeshadow palette:

As the name implies, this palette will remind you of rich dark chocolate. This palette has 2 metallic and 4 matte shades. The 1st and 3rd shades look almost the same, but they have a slight difference. I feel that the 1st shade is warmer than the 3rd one. Here’s the breakdown of the shades:

  • 1st Shade: deep matte warm chocolate brown
  • 2nd Shade: warm metallic brown with brown and silver shimmer
  • 3rd Shade: matte brown with grey undertone
  • 4th Shade: matte warm medium-dark brown with red base
  • 5th Shade: mustard medium yellow with slight sheen.
  • 6th Shade: cool toned metallic brown with a frosted finish

Here is a super quick look using both of the palettes. See the almost black shade on the base of my upper lashes? It’s the 3rd shadow from the Chocolates palette.

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Where can you find the Juvia’s Place The Nudes, The Chocolates Eyeshadow Palettes:

The palettes retail for $14 and you can buy them here, but currently, the Chocolates palette is on sale for $9.00 only on Juvia’s Place website.

Have you tried Juvia’s Place The Nudes and/or The Chocolates Eyeshadow Palettes yet? What were your thoughts on them? Share with us below!

Juvia's Place The Nudes, The Chocolates review

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