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Ulta Beauty Collective North Dakota

Ulta Beauty Collective- North Dakota

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Hello there! Today I am taking a break from the regular posts and going to share something exciting and amazing. This is probably one of the greatest achievements of my blogging career. I am going to represent ULTA BEAUTY from the state of North Dakota. (*screaming internally*). I am now a part of their Ulta Beauty Collective influencer group for the year of 2020.

Here is the official announcement on Instagram:

I know you probably have many questions regarding this. So here is some more info about Ulta Beauty Collective.

Ulta Beauty Collective- North Dakota:

What is the Ulta Beauty Collective group?

It’s Ulta Beauty’s first-ever influencer program! There are 50 of us from across the country who will share exclusive Ulta Beauty content with you like events and new product launches. 

What is the purpose of this group?

It’s a way to celebrate beauty lovers! We get to nerd out on all the fun beauty things and share the latest Ulta Beauty events and products with all of you.

How was I selected?

Ulta Beauty handpicked all of us based on our content and love for beauty! (hard work definitely pays off! Thank you ULTA BEAUTY!) Make sure you tag @ultabeauty in your social content for a chance to be selected next year.

How can I apply to be a part of this for next year?

Tag @ultabeauty in your social content for a chance to be selected next year!

Who are all of the members? Where can I find out more info about them?

Head over to @ultabeauty for the full list.

When can I expect to see content in the group?

Ulta Beauty Collective shares out content each month!

Do you have discount codes? Promoting unique sales, giving sneak peeks, etc.?

Keep following and stay tuned.  There will for sure be events, launches and more!

Ulta Beauty Collective North Dakota

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