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Introducing DERMAdoctor and skincare advice from Dr. Audrey Kunin

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

I am always fascinated by science and human biology, which is why I chose to graduate in dentistry. Though my current profession as a blogger create a stereotype of doing only makeup or review a product, I prioritize in the science of a product. Which is why I always try to find out why I am using a particular skincare product and what’s it actually doing on a cellular level.

Which brings us to DERMAdoctor. Last Saturday I attended an event hosted by the local Ulta Beauty where DERMAdoctor founder dermatologist Dr. Audrey Kunin gave us the “whys” and “hows” of skincare. She simplified the basics of skincare and taught us how and why should we use specific ingredients for our skin concerns. She also gave us one on one consultation and recommended what ingredients and products we should use for our specific skin type.

As a very serious blogger (!) I took notes, and here’re what I have learned from Dr. Audrey Kunin:


The Story behind DERMAdoctor:

Believing that nature and medicine can work synergistically, Dr. Kunin has created many clinically proven, patent-pending formulations that target a number of overlooked yet common skin concerns. She wanted to create a “Feminine” approach to skincare, which clearly shows in the purple flowery packaging of the DERMAdoctor branding. It’s a “clinical skincare brand from a female dermatologist’s point of view.”

“Solve the problem, not hide the problem”

Dr. Audrey Kunin

Skincare Advice from the expert:

As Summer is coming to an end, we will be facing multiple factors for a skin concern. Some of these are coming from sun exposure and/or chlorine from the swimming pool. These result in photodamage, skin discoloration, looking more aged, premature lines etc. You can reverse the damage in Fall and Winter by choosing ingredients which will combat these skin troubles. Anti-Oxidant, like VItamin C, is one of these ingredients.

After exposure, we have a 10 hours window to further neutralize the sun damage. Which is why it is recommended to use appropriate products both in the morning and at night for maximum result.

So which products we should use to get rid of the Summer damaged skin?

Chemical Peel:

You can use Peels & microdermabrasion method to Speed up exfoliation. Our pores are like “rubber band stretched over time accumulating dirt and dead skin.” When you use a chemical peel, the dirt and dead skin gets our of the pores and snaps them back to their original size.

Peels like Kakadu C Intensive Vitamin C Peel Pad with Ferulic Acid & Vitamin E dissolve the glue that holds the topmost layer of cells together. It gets rid of the dead cells and makes the outer layer or the Epidermis thinner. The thinner the epidermis, the brighter and healthier skin looks. And this is how skin discoloration gets diminished.

So if you want to start using a chemical peel product at home use one with vitamin C treatment for Fall ready skin.

  • Use at evening 2-3 times weekly. (Though some can be used every day.)
  • Wash your face.
  • Pat dry.
  • Let it sit for a few minutes.
  • Might feel slightly tingly.
  • Wash with water to neutralize the ingredients.
  • Use your moisturizer.

Serum and Moisturizer:

Again, she advises choosing products rich in anti-oxidant. As we get older, our skin produces less collagen (less collagen= wrinkles, aging skin). Vitamin C stimulates fibroblast activity in the dermis layer which results in increased collagen. You can get vitamin C by eating citrus fruits, red and green peppers, tomatoes, broccoli, green vegetables AND using products like Kakadu C 20% Vitamin C Serum with Ferulic Acid & Vitamin E and Kakadu C Face Crème.

Specially as the weather gets colder it’s beneficial to use a serum with Hyaluronic acid (an ingredient which holds water 1000 times of its weight). Use it 1-2 times daily and top it off with a heavy cream.

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Things to consider while choosing skin care products:

  • Not all Vit C is the same. Look for a product with 15-20% Vitamin C. This is needed on the skin to be effective.
  • Vitamin E and Ferulic acid should be there with the Vitamin C. (Supportive antioxidant)
  • If you use Vitamin A, like retinol or retin A products, and want to start using a Vitamin C product, use the vitamin C every other night.
  • Don’t use any water-based product or water after using Vitamin A rich products. It causes redness and sensitivity. Which is why Vitamin A (retinol, Retin-A) products should be used as the last thing you apply at night.

How to Correctly Apply Skin Care Products:

If you want to start doing an anti-aging skincare ritual at home here are the steps you can follow:

  • Wash off makeup.
  • Let your skin dry (because water neutralizes the acids in a chemical peel).
  • Use the peel.
  • Rinse and Wait.

Now for the next step if you use Retinol products you can use that here and stop your regime.

If you do not use any Vitamin A (Retinol) products, you can finish off your skincare by using products with Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin C and Peptide.

Sounds confusing? Here are 2 products you can try: Kakadu C 20% Vitamin C Serum with Ferulic Acid & Vitamin E and Kakadu C Face Crème.

You can get your Individualized skincare tips and product recommendation from: https://cc.ulta.dermadoctor.com.

Leave a comment below if you are enthusiastic about the science behind skincare as I am!

DERMAdoctor skincare products

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