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Thrift Vs. Online Shopping – Which One Is Suitable for You?

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Some of your friends talk about the perks of online shopping as if it’s the holy grail of the practice – it’s often more convenient, you have ample choice, and it takes less time. Then you have the other group of your loved ones who swear by your local thrift stores and all the hidden gems you can find in them. However, both practices come with their own benefits as well as setbacks. Whether you like to mix and do your shopping in a range of different ways, you can always reassess your approach and opt for the methods that suit your lifestyle the most.

If you’re wondering what the hype is all about, when it comes to either of those options, let’s cover a few of those most essential benefits that can help you determine which one you’ll opt for in the end.

Thrift Vs. Online Shopping – Which One Is Suitable for You- sifa's corner

The ability to find unique pieces

In the today’s world of consumerism and mass production of certain garments, it can be close to impossible to find something that fits, resonates with your personality, and that’s preferably not worn by every third person you come across in the street. This is where thrift shops thrive: you can always find that one item that nobody else can brag about.

The thrift community is a close-knit one, especially in boutique stores where the shop owner knows almost all of the customers. When you get to know the people in these circles, you can ask them to ring you up when there’s something they know you’ll love. You also get to find designer items that haven’t been produced in ages!

Thrift Vs. Online Shopping – Which One Is Suitable for You- sifa's corner

The sustainable aspect of digital shops

Our planet is in peril and there’s so much we can do every single day to minimize our negative impact on the environment. One of those things involves your online shopping habits. When you hit the stores, you first need to fuel up the tank, drive to a range of stores, which means your carbon footprint will be through the roof.

Nowadays, online stores have everything you need, without the hassle and the harm caused by shopping in brick-and-mortar stores. You can easily find high-quality women’s socks made of bamboo and other sustainable materials, undergarments in a range of patterns also made of eco-friendly fabrics, and all other wearables your wardrobe needs. All of that without ever starting the engine. Sustainability has moved to the online realm, so both by choosing healthy fabrics and staying at home, you can make a difference.

Thrift Vs. Online Shopping – Which One Is Suitable for You- sifa's corner

Money does matter

On the other hand, money always plays a part in making this decision. Most of us, mere mortals, will gladly shop during sales and use up any discounts available, so it’s only natural to find thrift stores the ideal choice for you.

However, just like these local shops, which help you lead a frugal life, online shops nowadays often provide free international shipping and frequent coupons. In essence, both thrift stores and online stores can be a part of a frugal life, if you know where to go at what time and if you discover which stores, for example, sell the finest, long-lasting jeans, and which ones don’t use toxic chemicals and dyes in the process.

Thrift Vs. Online Shopping – Which One Is Suitable for You- sifa's corner

Support clothing reusability

A huge part of making more Earth-loving choices is based on recycling, repurposing, and reusing. This is where thrift stores excel! These hand-me-down options would typically end up in a landfill, rarely recycled, and too often people discard perfectly wearable clothes for the sake of a new trend. We all like to enjoy a new garment on occasion.

However, thrift stores give these garments a second chance at life, prolong their lifespan, and they help keep clothes out of landfills. Certain online shops also apply this principle and have started selling preowned clothes online, which means that we have finally transcended the typical idea of thrift shopping.

Thrift Vs. Online Shopping – Which One Is Suitable for You- sifa's corner

Quality paired with diversity

Buying at thrift stores as well as online has another dual benefit, although expressed differently. In the world of these boutique stores that sell reused garments, you can often pick out exceptionally quality pieces that have actually and literally stood the test of time. Add to that, there’s always an infinite source of choices for you to select what you prefer.

However, these same benefits can be recognized in online shopping, too! With more brands moving online, more of them competing with one another, you’ll find that most are trying to offer competitive quality garments, and also diversify their digital shelves to satisfy a wider range of customers. It all boils down to where you can find what you need!

Thrift Vs. Online Shopping – Which One Is Suitable for You- sifa's corner

Ultimately, there’s no one solution that trumps the other. By combining shopping in thrift stores as well as online, you can make the best of both worlds work to your advantage, to the environment’s advantage, and it will ultimately allow your wallet to rejoice!

Which method of shopping do YOU prefer?? Leave us a comment below!

Thrift Vs. Online Shopping – Which One Is Suitable for You- sifa's corner
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