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RAHUA-Elixir-Voluminous shampoo Review

My Luxury Haircare Routine with Rahua Voluminous Shampoo & Elixir

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


Rahua Elixir & Voluminous shampoo: Review and Thoughts


Are you concerned about the chemicals in your hair products? You know what? I had absolutely zero concerns about bad chemicals and their effects on health before I got pregnant. When I was pregnant, all my studies from embryology class came rushing into my mind. I started reading about the effects of various chemicals on a mother and her baby’s body and how these cause birth-defects.

Scary I know!

Which is why I think, natural hair care products with lesser chemicals are something we should try at least once to see the difference these make. Cue in: Rahua Hair care products and its clean beauty motto.

RAHUA-Elixir-Voluminous shampoo Review

RAHUA-Elixir-Voluminous shampoo Review


When people think of clean beauty, they tend to think of skincare and makeup. Hair care is an extension of skin care as healthy hair begins with a healthy scalp. When you take care of the scalp with natural, wholesome, plant-based ingredients, you are setting the stage for healthy hair growth and hair care, protecting every strand from scalp to ends.

Why choose RAHUA:

Rahua® the rainforest grown, hand harvested, plant-powered, non-toxic, Symbiotic® hair care brand that has set the standard in clean beauty for the past decade. Rahua is passionately committed to creating the cleanest, most effective, luxurious and sustainable products on the market. Rahua® hair products are made with potent plant-powered Amazonian ingredients that work as adaptogens, targeting exactly what our hair and scalp is missing, just as nature does; adding what we need where we need it and removing the toxins that we don’t.

So what’s the main difference in synthetic and natural ingredients? Let’s find out!

The impact of synthetic ingredients vs. natural ingredients in hair care products is substantial. For example, if you use a synthetic shampoo designed for oily hair it strips your scalp of its healthy natural oils, resulting in a scalp that produces more oils to compensate for the depletion. Using a shine-inducing product with silicones coats the hair making it appear shiny but it becomes a magnet for dirt and other ingredients, resulting in a barrier that prevents moisture and conditioner from penetrating the hair shaft, which instead sits on the surface. Due to lack of moisture, over time the hair will dry out, become very brittle, and could lead to frizz and breakage.

Sounds familiar? For my hair, it surely does. So I used Rahua Elixir and Voluminous shampoo for a couple of months.


Hair oil and oil products are integral part of South-Asian hair care routine. I think the way our ancestors were so keen on moisturizing their hair, it resulted in the long, thick hair our mothers and grandmothers had. You can use this oil as a scalp & hair treatment, or use a couple of drops after hair wash to seal in the moisture. It absorbs pretty well and leaves a smoother and healthier looking hair.

RAHUA-Elixir-Review RAHUA-Elixir-Review

The elixir is on the pricier side so when I use it as a treatment I mix it with my regular olive oil (you can also use coconut oil), and add a couple of drops there, warm it and then massage it into my scalp and hair.

It retails for $175 and sold at Sephora (affiliate), Rahua online.


The oil already absorbed while I was taking the shot


RAHUA Voluminous shampoo:

I thought Voluminous shampoos would make my hair totally unmanageable and it will resemble witch’s hair. But this voluminous shampoo by Rahua doesn’t make my hair unmanageable. It clarifies my scalp and hair of the product build-up without drying out the hair. I can use my regular curly-hair products afterward and go on with my day.

This shampoo retails for $34 and it’s found at Rahua, Amazon, Sephora (affiliate).


RAHUA-Elixir-Voluminous shampoo Review RAHUA-Elixir-Voluminous shampoo Review

RAHUA-Elixir-Voluminous shampoo Review

Points to remember when you are transitioning to a clean beauty routine:

Transitioning to natural hair care as part of your clean beauty routine is crucial to healing and restoring hair. When you use natural ingredients such as those found in Rahua’s products; Lemongrass, Quinoa, Aloe, and Green Tea, you are balancing the scalp and helping to promote hair growth. Rahua oil is packed with Omega 9 which has a very small molecule and is able to penetrate the hair, strengthening the cuticle which results in high shine. Synthetic ingredients are used for “cosmetic” purposes which by definition means “superficial measures to make something appear better, more attractive or more impressive.” On the contrary, natural ingredients enhance what’s inside in a healthy way, bringing out the true beauty within to shine through.


Is the Rahua elixir pricey? Yes. But it works amazing! So is the shampoo. You have to use it for a couple of months to see the results actually. So be patient and invest in good products. Happy shopping!


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RAHUA-Elixir- Review


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