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Life Update & Blogging

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


Hello there!

My regular readers must be wondering why I have been MIA. Well, I had my baby earlier than expected (5 weeks early) and I am taking it as slow as possible for me and my baby’s health & welfare.

So if you comment or email and I can’t reply you right away, don’t be disheartened. I will get back to you as soon as I can get the baby to fall asleep and get online.. 🙂


In the meantime, stay connected with me on my social media.


YOUTUBE : youtube.com/wsf27

FACEBOOK : facebook.com/SifasCorner

INSTAGRAM : instagram.com/sifascorner

On a sidenote, my Facebook blog page has crossed 100K followers! Couldn’t have done it without all of your love & support!


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[…] my blog has been really quiet lately. Those who follow me on Instagram and Facebook may know that I had my baby girl in November and she was 5 weeks early. So I couldn’t manage to make my blog prepared before going into […]


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