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Fashion Trends You Need to Know About in 2017

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Guest Post

Every year we are graced with the numerous fashion weeks worldwide. These allow us to take a first peak at the outfits which will be popular in the coming seasons. Arguably, the most popular fashion week is the New York fashion week. It gathers crowds from all over the world to see what their favourite designers have produced. With all the big names producing some truly eye-catching clothing and accessories, it was slightly difficult to choose which ones were the best – but the ones put together below are the fashion trends everyone needs to know about as we get in the fun part of 2017.


The Multi-Purpose Sweater

A sweater is always a cornerstone to any wardrobe. It is easy, convenient and goes with a whole host of different outfits. Though it isn’t usually considered an overly fashionable item of clothing, it appears many designers chose to embrace the sweater trend and make the most of what they had to work with.

What they ended up producing was very interesting. Instead of wearing the sweater in a conventional way, it appears designers chose to make more of an accessory out if it instead! If you’re wanting to follow this trend, try wearing around your neck (as a scarf), drape it over your shoulders or tie it around your waist.

sweaters fashion-1623085

Bright Yellow

One of the colours we often associate with the warmer months is yellow, and designers have chosen to create a variety of yellow outfits for us to wear once spring and summer come around. The best choices will probably be to wear a yellow dress. However you choose to embrace the colour, it will be sure to liven up your outfit!

 yellow fashion-300337 girl-1581289_1920

Bra Style

Another big trend which you can expect to see as we approach the warmer months is that of the bra-top. No longer will your bra be something to hide away under your shirt, but now it is a pure fashion statement. The type of design seen differed from designer-to-designer, with Alexander Wang choosing to go elegant and Oscar De La Renta choosing to be more intricate with the flowery design.

 bra top

Knee-High Socks

To many, knee-high socks are a bit of polarising item of clothing. In some ways, they are a unique fashion item that allow you to be unique in your style – for others they just remind them of that Britney Spears music video, and the numerous costumes which followed. It appears designers have worked hard to try and make knee-high socks wearable again for the majority of people, and the sporty Tommy Hilfiger design gives a sexier spin on the typical skinny joggers or sweatpants.


Ankle Bling

One of the biggest jewellery trends we can expect to see this season will be on your ankle rather than your wrist or neck. When it comes to ankle jewellery it is usually associated with tiny anklets, but it appears the designers this year have chosen to go for strong, statement jewellery that will make a big impact, ranging from stacks and cuffs, to heavily embodied strands.

ankle jewellery woman-1534608

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