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Best Jewellery Trends for 2017

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


Admit it or not, the jewellery that you wear can make or break your outfit. So it’s important to keep up with all of the latest trends as the seasons pass. When you are picking your jewellery this year, here are a few top trends to keep in mind to make you really stand out in the crowd.


Minimalism as a concept has really taken off over the past couple of seasons. People are throwing out their clutter and mess to make way for a more spacious and zen feel. Minimalism has influenced our interior design choices, our fashion styles and now it’s zoning in on our jewellery choices.

Minimalist jewellery is a really expressive way of showing style and flair without drawing too much attention away from your outfit. Jewellery designers, like Sophie Bille Brahe, have used minimalism as a foundation for their designs. This year make room for cute minimalist rings and geometric styles that will finish off your overall look in the most simple and clever way.

Big, Bold and Bright:

Culture, style and boldness are some of the recurring themes that are going to flow through our wardrobes, our jewellery boxes and our actions. So there is going to be a big focus on tribal patterns to celebrate culture, chunky XXL beads to catch people’s attention, and intricate designs that are going to turn heads no matter where you are. Designers like Thomas Sabo, who is renowned for his wacky and eccentric jewellery designs, are going to be at the forefront of it all this year. So make sure to keep an eye out for these designs.


Diamonds Are Girls’ Best Friend:

Diamonds bring an air of class that is unrivalled throughout the jewellery world. Having a bit of sparkle draped over, you will forever be in style. So if you’ve got it flaunt it!

Every girl (and everybody else) deserves a diamond to take their looks to a 10/10. Watch out for brands like Diamonds of Choice, who will be bringing a touch of elegance to our style choices throughout 2017 (and for all of time).

Hoops Are Here to Stay:

Even a fashion apocalypse couldn’t part us from the perfect pair of hoops. They are our faithful companions and will never go out of style (we hope!). Hoop earrings hold the power to tie an outfit together. They are minimalist, understated and versatile.

This year hoop earrings are coming back with a little bit of punch and sass. Keeping in with the theme of boldness and creativity, Spring and Summer are going to see the tribal patterns and cultural flair collaborate with our beloved accessory.  Expect to see hoops jazzed up with intricate tribal inspired patterns that have a real Summer festival feel to them.

Personal style can be perfectly expressed through the jewellery you choose to wear. So whether you want to be elegant and wear diamonds, or whether you want to show your creative and playful side to the world with bold statement jewellery, then 2017 styles have got you covered.

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