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Holistic Ways To Increase Body’s Fertility Capabilities

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
For some people, having a baby is simple. They decide that they are ready to have one, and then before they know it they are painting nurseries and buying cots. For other people though, it is not so easy. The path to conception is a long and rocky one, with no promise of success at the end of it. 
Many women undergo hormone therapy, countless exploratory tests and operations, and even IVF in order to get pregnant, and even then there is no guarantee that they will have a baby at the end of it all. It can be a very painful process, as the very real threat of never having babies stares you in the face. While you must take all of the advice that your doctor offers you, there are also many more things that you could be doing to increase your body’s chances of success. After all, the calmer you are and the less you obsess about getting pregnant, the better your chances are.



Here are some great holistic ways to increase your odds in the fertility lottery:

Holistic Ways To Increase Body’s Fertility:

Yoga and Pilates

Yoga and Pilates are both brilliant forms of exercise that nurture the mind as much as the body. By putting your body through a process of various gentle stretches and poses, you are helping your mind calm down. Every session is usually followed by 10-15 minutes of deep relaxation which is essential to quiet a busy and stressed mind. An hour of yoga or Pilates every week is enough to make you feel much more connected with your body, and it will do your mind, body and spirit the power of good at a time when you really need to be kind to yourself.

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While some people discredit acupuncture altogether, other people frankly swear by it to alleviate all sorts of issues. It’s great for pain relief and it’s also great for calming you down emotionally and making you feel a little more at ease with yourself. 
Acupuncture is so powerful that some people have even managed to give up smoking by using acupuncture. It is also well known for being able to increase a woman’s fertility as it clears energy blockages in the body and helps her body to function well again, and therefore regularly ovulate.

Many women who have had acupuncture to treat their fertility issues have gone on to have babies without having to go down the IVF path. Even if you are having hormone treatments already, you can use acupuncture to relieve some of the awful side effects of having all those chemicals bouncing around your body.

Diet & Fitness

Never underestimate the power of diet and fitness when it comes to fertility. The more you take care of yourself, the better your body will function. Not only will you be far more likely to ovulate, but your digestive system will be better, your heart will become stronger and you will look a million dollars too!

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If you counteract all the stress that you are going through with a little kindness to your body, you are significantly increasing your chances of it all being made worthwhile. So try out these holistic ways to increase your fertility and let us know your thoughts.

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Today’s guest post is written by Karen Fernandes, a freelance blogger, who often writes for CT Acupuncture Center, a leading acupuncture center in Stamford, CT. She loves engaging in creative projects and workshops, and enjoys visiting art exhibitions in her spare time. You can follow her on Twitter for more information.

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