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best skincare trends to follow

Best Skincare Trends You Can Follow This Year

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Trends come and go every year, for example, loungewear trend in fashion, minimal makeup, or glass skin- these have been pretty popular lately. Just like any rising trend, it can be a total hit or a complete failure, it actually depends on your personal choice. If you ask me to wear ripped jeans that will show my thighs, I will never wear them, no matter how trendy they may look. But some trends are awesome- like minimal makeup, it saves time and energy!

Every year I love to read about makeup and skincare trends. I am not an aesthetician but I love to learn everything and anything I can about skincare. This is why I reached out to Rebekah Star, a skin & wellness expert of 20 years and owner of HyperFixx Health & Beauty. We talked about the rising skincare trends, her favorite products, and her daily skincare routine. Let’s get started!

SC: What are the most significant skincare trends right now? Why do you think these are getting popular? 

“There are 2 big skincare trends that are still popular from last season. I love them both! They are Microdosing and Gua sha or lymphatic drainage treatments. Both will remain popular throughout 2022 as they are both easy to learn and love while you are having Self Care Sundays at home”, says Rebekah.

“Microdosing is the trend of taking a few different ingredients or products and mixing them so you get a small dose of active ingredients at a time, slow and steady wins the skincare race! And lymphatic drainage treatments are great after microdosing because it not only helps push product into your skin (using the gua sha tool), it also moves fluid so that your eyes look less puffy and tired, and your face more firm and youthful.”

About following these skincare trends Rebekah advises, “You can follow these trends by simply looking up some different options on YouTube or following a channel like POPSUGAR. They always keep abreast of all the current “to-do’s” in beauty”.

Microdosing is a great way to add active ingredients to your skincare routine, especially if your skin is too sensitive for Retinoids, exfoliating acids like AHAs, BHAs, and PHAs, as well as vitamin C. These active ingredients can cause irritation and sensitivity to the skin. In this method, you basically start with a lower concentration so that your skin can tolerate the product. The microdosing will gradually increase your skin’s tolerance to these active ingredients and you can then increase the concentration.

According to Bustle:

Gua sha is great at improving circulation, releasing the tension, and revitalizing the skin. When done correctly and consistently, you’ll feel more refreshed, and the skin and jawline will look more toned. The gua sha tool is especially beneficial if the issue stems from inflammation and/or puffiness.

SC: What does your skincare routine look like? 

Rebekah likes to lightly wash the face with a Foaming Cleanser in the morning. Then she applies a hydrating serum, and Amarte Hydrolift moisturizer followed by and spf50. For her evening routine, she shares, “My evening routine is similar, except no SPF and I use a roller or Gua sha to help the product penetrate and move fluid so that when I get up my skin looks fresh and I look well-rested.”

SC: Share 5 of your favorite skincare products with us. 

Rebekah shared her 5 favorite and most used skincare products with us. Here they are:

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I absolutely loved her recommendation for Sacheu Stainless Steel Facial Gua sha tool. I have had a super cute light pink Gua sha tool dropping from my hand and breaking into 2 pieces. And also, many times many people have asked me to suggest something that will not break. So this might be it.

Here are some of my recent and all-time skincare favorites:

Which skincare trends do you follow? Share with us below!

best skincare trends to follow

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