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New Year, Life Update & What’s new for Sifa’s Corner in 2022

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Better late than never…… happy new year. We are halfway through January, and I feel like I have started this year in a constant rush. We have moved to a new place last month and boy oh boy, has it been a journey!! Between unpacking, taking care of the house, my health and the work- everything has been keeping me on my toes for sure. This is the first house we are living in, and it’s been quite a journey so far. More on that later.

Speaking of health, I have had quite a few health scares in the past 2 months and scheduled an appointment with my doctor. Fingers crossed that I do not face anything scary. My daughter has completed her COVID vaccination, but I am due for the booster shots. Have you had your booster shot yet? How was your experience?

As for our beloved Sifa’s Corner, this year’s focus is to make more video content- long and short form. I also need to focus on what’s working and what’s not. I will, of course, update you as I go.

This year’s goal is to be accountable, focus on happiness and being content, practice mindful minutes by spending time on my mental health and do small stuff that makes me truly happy. In addition, I aim to start a hobby this year (watching movies doesn’t count, huh!) I used to paint and sew back in Bangladesh, and I wish to start doing so again.

Another thing I am focusing on is to shop my closet. I am going to utilize what I have in my closet and either wear, donate or sell them. And even if I am buying something new, I am going to be mindful of the product I am choosing. If you want to visit my Amazon shop, you can have a look here.

Follow me on Instagram @sifascorner and motherhood page @chronicallymomlife, Facebook, and Pinterest if you are not into regular blog reading. Till my next one……. Stay healthy, stay beautiful!

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