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Perfume for Warmer Months

How To Choose A Perfume For The Warmer Months

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Perfume for Warmer Months:

You can never go wrong with perfume application; who doesn’t want to smell good? However, the summer seasons brings with it more challenges when it comes to choosing and applying the right perfume. More emphasis has to be put on when choosing the right fragrances to fit the warmer weather. Keep on reading to find tips and tricks on how to choose a perfume for the warmer months.

Perfume for Warmer Months

8 Tips on How to Choose Perfume for Warmer Months:

Go For Lighter Perfumes And Fragrances

Contrary to your beliefs, you should actually go for lighter perfumes and fragrances during the warmer seasons rather than stronger fragrances and perfumes. So opt for colognes, eau de toilette, or scented toiletries rather than a strong eau de parfums.

This is because stronger perfumes such as eau de parfums contain a higher fragrance concentration. And as they evaporate due to the higher temperatures, their scent becomes stronger and powerful. This also makes the perfume cloy and overbearing. So you can still opt for your favorite scent, but rather than wearing eau de parfum, wear eau de toilette, cologne or eau de fraiche.

Money-Saving Tip: Don’t want to change the strong perfume for summer? Tone it down by mixing 1 drop/spray of your regular strong perfume with an unscented body lotion and use it on your body.

Layer Your Fragrance

Layering your fragrance is one way of ensuring your perfume lasts longer, especially during warm weather. So you can choose to layer your perfume with body wash and body lotion of similar fragrance. If you are able to do so, you can even choose different scents for each product but ensure that the scents compliment each other rather than overpower each other. 

Choose The Right Notes

Choosing your summer outfit goes hand in hand with your summer fragrances. Just as a wool trench coat during warm weather doesn’t work at all, so do certain fragrance notes. You want to wear light, fresh and natural scents over the summer. Avoid heavy and warm fragrance notes such as musk, vanilla, Orientals and other intense and sugary fragrances. Instead, oceanic, floral, fruity and fragrance scents are the best choice.

Citrus notes make great light and fresh scent options. Citrus notes include mandarin, lime, grapefruit, and bergamot, just to name a few. These notes are normally crisp, clean, and airy. However, the downside to citrus notes is that they are not the best when it comes to longevity. Citrus notes will evaporate anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes. So instead, opt for a perfume that features a blend of citrus and other notes such as fruity or floral notes.

Nothing screams summer like the fresh and clean oceanic notes. Other than being light, fresh and long-lasting, ocean notes actually do uplift your mood. So even if you are stuck at the office during the warmer months, you will still feel the relaxing effects of summer.

Opt For Exotic Notes

Although they work great for warmer weather, some people are just not fans of fruity or floral fragrances. Thus, you may still want to maintain the deep and stronger scents you are used to wearing during the colder months. You don’t have to worry about this. To maintain the deeper fragrances that you like without them being too overwhelming for the warmer weather, pick a blend of scents that may somewhat be exotic but still ideal for the summer.

A good example of such perfumes will have woody bases and milky undertones such as coconut or pineapple scents. After all, they still boast that tropical feel without being too light.  And at night woody scents such as sandalwood work great for the warmer weather too.

Pair It With Your Personality And Style

In addition to finding the right scent, picking your perfume should also put your personality and style into consideration. Perfume is part of who you are. Like pairing your outfits, you will enjoy your perfume more if it goes with your personality and style.  You don’t want to just go for any random smell. Think of perfume as part of your lifestyle!

For example, for more office type and feminine style, you want subtle notes such as jasmine, rose, and other friendly floral notes. You also don’t want a scent that is too strong, especially during warm weather if you are indoors with other people. Because these scents tend to be quite overpowering to the room and off-putting to many people. If you will find yourself in the outdoors a lot, opt for scents that last longer and can tackle perspiration well.

Here is one of my most favorite perfumes: Giorgio Armani Si Intense .

Keep Your Scent

Just because the season is changing, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to utterly change your signature scent. many perfumes also feature their summer variants. So you can still maintain the same fragrance smell with a slightly lighter summer tone.

Pick A Travel-Friendly Option

Unlike the colder months, perfume actually evaporates faster during the warmer weather due to the heat around as well as your body heat. So no matter the perfume type you go for, you want to keep refreshing it from time to time to maintain the fragrance. If you don’t want to carry a big’ol bottle of perfume around, you can invest in extra travel size or sample style perfume bottle so you can refresh on the go.

Take It On A Test Drive

This is perhaps the best way to figure out if the perfume works for you or not. For the majority of us, you are not going to find your signature fragrance on the go. In addition to sampling different fragrances, you must also know how to sample the in the first place. Spritzing multiple scents on your hands and smelling them on the spot will not do the trick.

Plus, smelling the perfumes in unrealistically air-conditioned stores doesn’t really expose you to their true scents. Instead, spray them on scent strips and leave with them. Remember, your perfume is made from three different layers of fragrance notes, i.e., top, heart, and base.

So you want to smell all these scents as times go during the day to get a true sense of how the perfume smells and how it transitions through the day. Wearing the perfume will also tell you a lot about how it sits on your body and whether or not it is the ideal choice.

how to choose a Perfume for Warmer Months

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Faith Riggs May 12, 2020 - 9:56 pm

I love this post! I’ve never been a huge, huge fragrance girl so this post was so informative! Thank you so much, for sharing these amazing tips.


Wasifa Ahmad Hasan May 13, 2020 - 7:18 pm

I am glad that you enjoyed it Faith!


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