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5 summer essentials

5 Summer Essentials to Look Cute While Having Fun

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


It’s *almost* the end of Summer. As there is still some time left for summertime activities, I thought I would list some essentials which will not only make you look cute but also help you enjoy the season to the fullest while you are doing your activities! So sit back and read through my list of 5 essentials which will make your summertime pleasant.

5 Essentials to Look Cute While Having Fun under the Sun- inspired silver jewelry


Accessories can make or break any look, don’t you agree? I like to keep things simple yet colorful in the warmer months. I have come across this great subscription box service from Inspired Silver and it’s called: Inspired Silver Jewelry Club.

Why am I loving this service?
It’s because Inspired Silver has over 40,000 designer & celebrity inspired quality jewelry pieces in stock. Every month, the brand hand selects from their inventory to create a monthly Inspired Silver Jewelry Box. This box has:
  • Free Charm Bracelet
  • Free Shipping
  • 90 dollars worth of jewelry
  • Money back Guarantee

This service will cost you $24.00+ / month. You can get it here.

Their Instagram page is full of beautiful product pictures, just look at these pictures below. How cute are these!

5 Essentials to Look Cute While Having Fun under the Sun-inspired silver jewelry

inspired silver jewelry


I can’t stress enough, sunscreen is a must even if you are staying under the shade in daytime. Whether you are going for a road trip or a weekend at the beach, pack a sunscreen with high SPF and apply liberally. Summer skincare is not confined to sunscreen only. You can see my skin care picks for summer vacation in my previous post.


Are you on the run but forgot those pesky body hairs?

No worries!

I have been trying out this cool “showerless” gel from Busy Beauty this summer. The interesting fact about this product is that you can use it anywhere, anytime without any water and use the residue on the skin as a moisturizer. Talk about 2 in 1!

5 summer essentials-busy beauty showerless shave gel


Nobody likes early signs of aging around eyes. So if you want to avoid the early onset, wear a sunglass. It can instantly make you look chic even if you have dark circles or you haven’t had a proper rest.

You can also borrow your husband or boyfriend’s hat to keep yourself cool under the sun like I did in the first picture.


Summer calls for fun bright colors. If you are not into bright colors, try the color changing lipsticks. These change into different shades or pink depending on the pH level of your lips. I am wearing Winky Lux flower lipstick here.

5 summer essentials-winky lux


As much as I like to get into details and lengthen the list, I kept it short and sweet. What are your essentials for Summer time activities? Share with us in the comment section below!

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