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How to Wear Jeans in Summer

How to Wear Jeans in Summer: 5 Chic Ideas

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Perhaps it’s too windy outside to wear a dress or a skirt, or you’re simply not in the mood to put on a pair of shorts, despite the scorching temperatures and the high humidity in the air. All you really want to do is wear your favorite pair of denim trousers, but you’re afraid it might get too hot and uncomfortable, which leaves you with the question: “How do I wear jeans in the summer?”  Luckily, there are plenty of ways to make them work, even during the hottest of days, as long as you style them appropriately.

So, here are some of the best outfit ideas that perfectly demonstrate how to wear your favorite jeans in the summer.

How to Wear Jeans in Summer

1. Cropped denim & crochet

It doesn’t matter if they’re skinny, flared or simply rolled, cropped jeans are the perfect option for summer, especially when they’re paired with cute and casual crochet tops. Whether they’re layered over a tank top or worn with a sexy bralette, crochet tops are a great way to add a summery feel to any casual outfit. From a crop top to a T-shirt, or even a long-sleeved top, crochet looks incredible with denim trousers and pairs beautifully with fringe and tassels, both of which are on trend right now and make for the perfect detail to add to your summer accessories. If you want to go for a full resort casual look, another great option might be to combine this cute outfit with a wide-brimmed wicker hat, or even a wicker or wooden cross-body bag.

How to Wear Jeans in Summer

2. Boyfriend jeans & crop tops

When thinking of ways to style jeans for the summer, your first instinct might be to opt for a pair of roomy, airy and fashionable boyfriend jeans paired with a simple crop top that gives you an opportunity to breathe and makes the extremely hot weather that much more bearable. However, instead of your regular frayed-hem vintage tee, why not consider going for a more elegant look this summer? Whether it’s a flowy cropped blouse or even a long-sleeved shirt tied at the front, a polished look like this will give you a chic and elegant vibe, especially when paired with killer heels and a sleek clutch. Add some interesting details, such as a few statement jewelry pieces or a chic pair of sunglasses, and you will have the ultimate summer jeans outfit.

How to Wear Jeans in Summer

3. Mom jeans & a throwback trend

While mom jeans have been a popular wardrobe staple for years, other old trends seem to reappear and transform themselves into truly iconic fashion looks that still hold today. And with the themes of camp and nostalgia back in a big way, there’s no wonder tie-dye is hotter than it ever was. So, hop on the ‘90s trend and pair your favorite mom jeans with a loud tie-dye top, either a cropped one or a T-shirt knotted at the waist, put on a pair of Converse or Vans shoes, add a scrunchie for good measure, and embrace this loud and fun nostalgic trend.

How to Wear Jeans in Summer

4. Slim cut & a button down

Whether you opt for a lightweight, billowy blouse or a classic silky white button-down, an elegant shirt is an ideal way of balancing out the casual look of jeans, making it an equally appropriate outfit both for the office and for lunch dates or girls’ nights out. You might even want to consider swapping out your dark-hued bottoms for a pair of white slim cut jeans, because a lighter wash won’t attract as much heat as the darker option, making it an ideal choice for a super sunny summer day. As long as you opt for a chic pair of open-toed heels or sandals, this elegant outfit pairs beautifully with anything from a casual cross-body bag to a sleek leather tote, and makes for the ultimate versatile summer look.

How to Wear Jeans in Summer

5. Skinny jeans & lingerie

If you want to go with a bolder outfit ideal for a long night of summer partying, a great idea would be to hop on the popular trend of incorporating beautiful lingerie items into chic everyday outfits. Balancing out the coverage of full-length skinny jeans with something a bit more revealing at the top will make for the ultimate sexy, yet summery and carefree outfit. Lacy bralettes and bustier tops are both great options, as they are light and breathable, while also making your denim look more sophisticated, but if you want to opt for something a bit less revealing, elegant silk camis work perfectly as well.

How to Wear Jeans in Summer

As temperatures start heating up, this ultimate jeans how-to guide will help you construct chic, fashionable and completely summer-appropriate outfits. And as long as you stick to looser cuts and more lightweight fabrics, there’s no denying every summer denim day is going to be a light and breezy one.

So which jeans outfit ideas would you try? Share below!

How to Wear Jeans in Summer
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