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8 College Wardrobe Basics You Should Invest In

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Dresses say a lot about us. Our dresses can express what we feel and what messages we want to convey to the world. If you are going back to college this year, you will need a basic wardrobe to start with.

Being a college girl can be tough enough without the stress of what to wear. If you build your wardrobe with the basic 8 clothing pieces, it will make sure no matter the stress or pressure from other parts of life you get, what you’re wearing is the least of your priorities.

(If you need shopping recommendation, you will find below the clothing basics mentioned today in various price range. Happy shopping!)

8 College Wardrobe Basics You Should Invest In-Sifa's Corner

1 . Leather Jacket

A black leather jacket goes with just about everything. It is also trendy, fashionable and comfortable. You can wear anything under it, depending on the occasion. If you want to dress it up, it’ll slip right over a sleek dress and if you want to wear it with a pair of jeans and a t-shirt, that works too.

8 College Wardrobe Basics You Should Invest In-Sifa's Corner-leather jacket

2. Black Leggings

The trend will start to become clear with each of these, but the essential key here are items that go with everything. Black leggings check that list very comfortably. Not only can you wear them with anything, but you can also double them up as exercise clothing if you’re running between campuses or squeezing in a workout routine after class. They’re light, so can be stuffed in a bag if an outfit change is necessary.

3. Blue Jeans

A good quality pair of jeans will be worth every penny. They will last for years, and likely look cooler the more aged they get. They’re weather resistant and appropriate and look good with both a sparkly shirt and a tank top.

8 College Wardrobe Basics You Should Invest In-Sifa's Corner

4. Prime Coloured Tank Tops/ T-Shirts

Once you’ve found a well-fitted tank top or T-Shirt, buy one in each color because they are basically the holy grail of college-attire. Whether you want to wear them underneath something see-through, or as a shirt in itself, their functions never stop appearing. They’re comfortable and practical and will go with every item on this list, too. There’s no point in owning nice things if they can’t go with your other items, right?

8 College Wardrobe Basics You Should Invest In-Sifa's Corner

5. Hoodies

You can never have enough hoodies, especially at college. They are comfortable, practical and easy to throw on if you’re sprinting out the door when your alarm didn’t go off. Diana Gulliam, an educator from BoomEssays and UkWritings says: “Sometimes, they can be the difference between a temper tantrum in the library and a warm, snuggly deep breath followed by a surge of busy working. Considering how many hours you’ll end up spending studying, comfort is a really important thing to keep in mind.”

8 College Wardrobe Basics You Should Invest In-Sifa's Corner

6. Converse/Comfortable Shoes

Converse go with everything and are comfortable. These are the two most important features of something you’ll likely wear for whole days at a time, and ideal for walking between classes. But the function isn’t the only thing that matters at college, which is why these trendy, fashionable items are a must-have.

8 College Wardrobe Basics You Should Invest In-Sifa's Corner

7. Neutral Winter Coat

Most people at college want to make an impression, but most people in college don’t have loads of money to splash out on fancy, furry or stand-out coats. So go as neutral as you can, so that you can wear it with any dress from your wardrobe.

8. A Bag

Don’t get so worked up with getting your clothing just right that you forget an essential for college life: a bag. You’ll be doing a lot of walking, so something you can sling over your shoulder and not worry about will save you a lot of stress. They also fit plenty of stuff in them, so you won’t ever be carrying your books as well as a bag.

8 College Wardrobe Basics You Should Invest In-Sifa's Corner

There you have it: eight essentials that will make your life easier, trendier and consistent. You’ll never look like you only own eight items of clothes, but you might and nobody would ever know because these items are so adaptable and versatile.

8 College Wardrobe Basics You Should Invest In-Sifa's Corner
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Jenna July 1, 2019 - 6:18 am

Great post – these are definitely all essentials that I have in my closet as a college girl! 🙂 Thanks for sharing!
Jenna ♥
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Wasifa Ahmad Hasan July 2, 2019 - 8:07 pm

I am glad that you liked it Jenna!


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