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15 Unique Hair Color Ideas for Colder Months

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan


Need to Change Hair Color? Here are 15 hair color ideas for this season:


Are you bored with your current hair color and you want to level up your look with something new? Then you have come to the right place. We have rounded up 15 unique hair color ideas that will look great on you this winter. It’s going to be a full of vibrant and unique colors!  

Whether you’re a blonde or a brunette, we have something for you. Check the hair color ideas we have for you below.


1. Pretty Purple

First on this list is the trendy purple hair color idea. It wouldn’t be on top of our list if it did not look great on blondes and brunettes. To recreate the pretty purple look, you may use one shade of purple or add a different shade of pink.

hair color ideas- purple

2. Icy Blonde

Do you want an edgier look? Then you may go for an icy blonde. The hair at your roots is dark and suddenly turns into a light blonde to the tips. If you already have dark hair, then you can keep your hair color at the roots and just add the blonde.  hair color ideas- icy blond


3. Sun-kissed Blonde

If you want to look unique, you can add blonde to your brunette hair. You’ll be surprised with the sun-kissed look you’ll achieve. This hair color suits everybody and it’s so easy to maintain.

hair color ideas- sun kissed blond

4. Dark Balayage


You need not be very bold when choosing a hair color to try this winter. You can always settle for a subtler idea with generally dark hair with lighter tones of brown and blonde. While the change might not be as dramatic as you think, it actually looks very stylish.

hair color ideas- dark balayage

5. Light Brown and Caramel

To rejuvenate your tresses for the winter, why not add lighter shades to it. If you add bright colors like blonde, you can instantly give your hair a life. What’s great about this hair color idea is that it shows how a warm color can transform natural hair color.

hair color ideas- light brown caramel

6. Warm Balayage

If you are not comfortable with the dark balayage, consider a color that is a bit warmer. Start off with a darker shade and gradually make it lighter until the tips have a warm blonde tone. Isn’t that perfect to warm up those cold winter nights?

hair color ideas- warm balayage

7. Purple to Blonde


Who knew purple and blonde will look great together? Start off with dark roots that will gradually blend into warm purple. It’s a unique color combination that is perfect for gals who wish to have a complete hair transformation.

hair color ideas- purple blond

8. Bold Blue

Do you feel a bit adventurous? Consider coloring your hair with a bold blue shade. However, make sure you use a mixture of light and dark blue tones to create a dramatic transformation that is still trendy.

hair color ideas- bold blue

9. Bronde Bob

The word “bronde” may sound new to you, but it’s actually a name given to hair that has tones of brown and blonde blended together. It’s also a gorgeous combination that gives your crowning glory a sun-kissed look.

hair color ideas- bronde bob

10. Platinum Blonde

This year, the platinum blonde has become a trendy hair color choice. Its light blonde color gives hair an instant lift, giving you an edgy transformation. This looks great on ladies who have bob hairstyles.

hair color ideas- platinum blonde

11. Red to Copper

Do you have red hair? If so, this is the hair color idea you need. For this hairstyle, start off with a dark red and gradually go into a lighter copper color. Everybody will love this look because it’s vibrant and fun.

hair color ideas- red copper

12. Warm Orange and Red Hues

This hair color idea features a blend of different vibrant colors. At the roots, there is purple. And then, there is an orangey hue in the middle. At the bottom, there is a much lighter shade. This is also perfect for those who want a drastic change in their updo.

hair color ideas- warm orange

13. Mermaid Hair Color

Mermaid hair has become a popular choice. There are a lot of hair colors involved, which includes purples, pinks, and blues. hair color ideas- mermaid 


14. Warm Waves

With this hair color idea, you can experiment with light blondes and warm tones. It’s a unique color combination that will prepare your hair for the winter.

hair color ideas- warm highlight

15. Brown Balayage

For this hair color idea, you may add color to your hair that is closest to your natural shade. This will keep your hair close to natural. Try this in all hair colors except black.

hair color ideas- brown balayage

Bonus: 16. Blonde Highlights

This hair color idea never seems to out of style. It is such an easy way to change one’s look. Relax, this is very easy to maintain and it suits almost everyone! Also keep in mind that using natural hair care products for your hair well help maintain these looks.

hair color ideas- blonde highlight

We hope you found inspiration above for your next hair color! Here is how to take care of your colored hair.


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