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Midwest Meetup

How I Overcame Blogger Burnout after Midwest Meetup

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

As you grow mature and older, you start to reevaluate everything you are working for. Sometimes you can be filled with self-doubt, and sometimes you start to feel demotivated, especially if you are working in an artistic industry. I am not ashamed to confess that I was feeling these exact things for a couple of months, especially after coming back from NYC. It felt like all the blogging and brand work opportunities are there, and here at Fargo I just have cold and snow.

Yes, I was suffering from Blogger Burnout, which can be identified as lack of motivation, loss of passion, depleted energy, self-doubt, fear of failing, worrying too much. In this time I needed like-minded people to talk with, so when I got invited to the Mid West meetup for bloggers, photographers, and artists, I was beyond excited!

The nice friendly event was hosted by 2 local photographers of Fargo,  sgsphoto and tawnyirwin last weekend. It was set up on whitehouse.co‘s warehouse. The whole place was beautifully decorated with an artistic flair.  I spent the event taking pictures of the rustic decor, which you will see below, and meeting many local bloggers, photographers, videographers. We talked about our passions, why we started working in the professions, why is it important to work for your passion than for money. Talking to those people reminded me why I started Sifa’s Corner in the first place, to inspire and share my passion for beauty & healthy lifestyle.

I came home from the event happy, inspired and with a full heart (and a yummy gift basket!)

Moral of the story: If you feel stuck at something that you actually love, remember why you started it in the first place. Get motivated, and talk with people who understand your work. And sometimes do things only for yourself that you love.

P.S. Made some new friends too! So scroll through the pictures below and you can see a glimpse of the Midwest Meetup.

Midwest Meetup

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