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6 Halloween Makeup Ideas for Any Costume

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Whether you like to dress up for Halloween or not, today I have picked up 6 Halloween makeup ideas which can go with any costume you pick…well, almost!

All you need are colorful eyeshadow palette and some brushes. I have tried to pick relatively easier makeup looks which can be created with the makeup products you already have. So keep scrolling.

halloween makeup

1 . Feline Smokiness:

If you have great blending skills like this lady, then blend those browns and blacks together to create this feline-inspired makeup look.

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2 . Flawless creativity:

If you are a regular YouTube makeup tutorial browser you may have come across this amazing lady called- Nikkietutorials. Her makeup tutorials are flawless and beautiful. Check out this creative look she has created for Halloween.

3. Easiest Lady Joker:

Halloween look can’t be easier than this. What I like most about this look is you will need only 2 things for this, a black liner and a red lip color.


4. Artistic flower child:

Even if you don’t have this beautiful headband, this look itself is pretty and artistic. If you don’t have her beautiful colored hair, just wear a wig!

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5. Monochromatic Smokey Makeup:

How beautifully blended is this! You can replace this red color with any color of your choice. You can even tone down the extent of the smokiness and wear it as a party eye makeup!

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6. Have fun and play with colors:

The last look of today is pretty cool! This is a good example that you can have fun with your makeup while creating a Halloween look. This is really easy, you just have to be patient.

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If you are looking for more costume ideas, check out these ideas by Good House Keeping. P.S. you will definitely need to use proper skincare products after using so much makeup, so hop onto the article of exfoliating on my blog.

Let’s end this post with a question. Do you like gore or would you go with an artistic glam look for Halloween? Comment below!

halloween makeup


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