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Online Shopping Crate Space

Easy Online Shopping with Crate Space

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

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As a blogger, I feel like it’s my duty to post about it when I come across a new product, service or a shop. So today’s article is no exception. Today I am going to talk about Crate Space and how you can use Crate Space for easy online shopping.

Now what is Crate Space, you must be wondering!

Crate Space is the first fixed priced shopping platform: $29.99 (+ free shipping) each time you shop, no matter what 5 items you choose. The result is more time (and space) to do the things you love. Crate Space was founded by a team of entrepreneurial New Yorkers who craved an easier way to buy daily essentials – one that mitigated decision exhaustion and minimized overshopping.

So to simplify things, No matter how much the products cost, you choose 5 products and pay $29.99 plus free shipping.

Now let’s get into details, what worked and what didn’t work.


  • You go to Crate Space website, then you can see the products are categorized by sections like this.

Online Shopping Crate Space

  • Now go to a specific category and you will see products shown there like this. Choose the products and fill up the basket.

Online Shopping Crate Space

  • You can also pick the pre-chosen products on the home page and add those to your basket.

Online Shopping Crate Space


You can shop it from www.CrateSpace.com. Use the promo code CRATED20 and you can get 20% off.


Being a beauty blogger, I ordered hair and skin products from Crate Space. No surprise there!

The liquid products came with their mouths tied up to avoid spillage like the pictures below. My products were:

  • Nivea Daily Moisture Body Lotion · Original · 16.9 fl oz
  • Giovanni Wicked Texture Pomade · 2 oz
  • Wet Brush Detangling Shower Brush · Pink Sorbet · 1 brush
  • Suave Kids 2-in-1 Shampoo + Conditioner · Strawberry · 22.5 fl oz
  • Axe Men’s Revitalizing Shower Gel · Jet · 16 fl oz

Online Shopping Crate Space Online Shopping Crate Space



  • The whole navigation system through the website is pretty easy.
  • They have over 500+ products, which is a decent number, (but not enough if you are looking for more varieties.)
  • The shipping is quick and there’s no shipping cost inside USA.


Now comes the interesting part. I tried to hunt down the low-priced items (around $4.49 was the lowest I could find). and I added those on the cart to see what happens. As you can see below the total cost (the sum of the actual cost of the products) adds up to $24.45, whereas you are going to give $29.99. So that’s a bummer, right?

Actually, no.

I would suggest you to be a smart shopper. If you order from the site, choose products that will add up to or exceed the total of $29.99. If you do that, only then you are truly saving.


Online Shopping Crate Space



Overall Crate Space is a good online shopping place to look into. Just remember my smart-shopping trick and you are going to love it!


P.S. If you are into designer glasses, check out my previous article on How to buy designer glasses online.

Online Shopping Crate Space

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