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Discover Autumn-Winter 2017’s New Hair and Makeup Trends

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Guest Article Contributed by Daniel Lewis


Happy first day of Autumn everyone! With yet another round of fashion weeks over, it is time to take note of some of the best and most trendy styles as seen from the fashion weeks. As a woman, we love to look great and stylish. Autumn and winter are usually cold, and you may be tempted just to let yourself go under the layers of clothing and the gloomy weather. However, you need to keep an eye out for these emerging trends. Here are some of the best hair and makeup trends of Autumn and Winter of 2017.

2017 Autumn-Winter Hair & Makeup Trends:

1. Perfectly imperfect lips

Smudged lipstick is the last thing you expected to see in these fashion weeks, but it finally came to light. Your lips will not always be perfect, and there are times you will forget to reapply your lipstick. You do not have to worry and think that you look horrible. That is the new trend. Perfectly imperfect lips can also be a look you create right from home. The Preen by Thornton Bregazzi said they got their inspiration from “just snogged lips”. The Giambattista Valli also had subtly worn-in lips with diffused edges which were unique and allow women to embrace imperfection and own it.

Photo: harpersbazaar.co.uk

Autumn Winter 2017 Hair Makeup Trends

Here is a toned down version for everyday

2. Cool girl hair

Thanks to Sam McKnight who debuted his eponymous hair styling range. The hairstyles included a texturizing spritz called Cool Girl. While the cool girl look was not completely out of the catwalks, this season it was more common than ever. These laid-back styles show women that their hair will not always look the way they want it and there are times they will not want to hold their hair up all the time. If such a day comes, a laid-back look can be just as sexy when worn with confidence and a smile. Other hairdressers such as Chloe and Alexander Wang and Isabel Marant also had their versions of this laid-back look.

Autumn Winter 2017 Hair Makeup Trends

Photo: harpersbazaar.co.uk

Autumn Winter 2017 Hair Makeup Trends

Toned down version for every day


3. Over liner

At all four fashion weeks, one thing was common, the bold black eyeliner. At the Prada is where it made a huge impact. Pat McGrath topped the smudgy black eyes with a touch of blue. At the Marni Kohl, it was drawn directly on the waterline and the Versace, it was applied with great swoops from the inner corners of the eyes all the way to the temples. Chloe had an exciting sixties look that could not just be resisted. If you have been wondering when it is appropriate to wear bold eyeliner, this is the time. Take advantage, make it perfect and create a statement that is impeccable and worth remembering. This is a look that can be achieved by women of all ages.

Photo: harpersbazaar.co.uk

Autumn Winter 2017 Hair Makeup Trends

Toned down version for every day

4. Bleached Brows

Just when you thought they were getting overrated, they return with a bang. While bold natural eyebrows are not going anywhere, the monochromes look created by Diane Kendal and Proenza Schouler with eyebrows that were bare there was stunning. There is also the unsaturated brows look that was paired with pastel eyeshadow at the Mary Kantrantzou. At the Altuzarra, you saw the softened look that created an almost pastel effect.

Autumn Winter 2017 Hair Makeup Trends

Photo: Natasha Denona

5. Floating liner

Once you have applied your face mask for oily skin or super dry skin and prepped your face, you may need a look that has a powerful statement of confidence. A look that will have people see how beautiful your skin is. The floating eyeliner looks with barely-there makeup is perfect. Add a hint of color on the lips, and you will have everyone’s attention.

Autumn Winter 2017 Hair Makeup Trends

We all love to look and feel beautiful. One way to ensure that you can have both is to follow fashion trends and adapt a couple that suits YOUR style and level of confidence. There were many trends this season that could inspire you to think out of the box when making your hair and applying makeup.

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Autumn Winter 2017 Hair Makeup Trends

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