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frownies-Immune-Shield-Vitamin E-Serum

My Thoughts on FROWNIES’ Immune Shield Vitamin E Serum

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

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As I am in my 30s right now, theoretically I should be taking more care of my skin but I have become rather lazy and inconsistent. Blame it on the hectic life, my laziness…whatever you want, but after the pregnancy I can see the changes are creeping up on my skin….and not “good” changes, I must say!

So this year one of my topmost resolution is taking proper care of my skin…which means maintaining a steady (or almost steady) ritual, introducing good-ingredient rich products, using eye cream and sunscreen religiously. These do not mean using a ton of products, it means using multi purpose products which can take care of my skin problems in no time…..and it takes me to today’s product: FROWNIES’ Immune Shield Vitamin E Serum. I have been using it for 2 months and as my skin has adjusted to the new product, I can now share my experience with you all.

frownies-Immune-Shield-Vitamin E-Serum


It is a Vitamin E serum which will look like just another oil available in the market. But don’t fall for that. Keep on reading to see what makes it different from other products.


Immune Shield is a barrier serum, meaning it builds the natural skin barrier. RICH IN ANTIOXIDANTS, PEPTIDES AND BENEFICIAL LIPIDS to soften and smooth the appearance of your skin.

Packed with ceramides acting identical to skin membrane, they support and improve the structure of skin for after sun care to keep you looking younger and help defend against harmful UV rays.


The 66 ml product retails for $32.00, and found online here.


This is a complete plant based product. It has:

  • Hemp Seed Oil,
  • Grape seed Oil,
  • Diakon Radish Oil,
  • Macadamia Nut Oil,
  • Oat Oil,
  • Olive Squalane,
  • Meadowfoam Seed Oil,
  • Avocado Oil,
  • Comfrey,
  • Sea Buckthorn Oil,
  • Vitamin E MT-50 (Tocopherol Oil),
  • Safflower Oil

frownies-Immune-Shield-Vitamin E-Serum


Immune Shield is said to work against UV rays damage, wrinkles, scars, dry skin, and more!

  • Immune Shield is perfect for prevention or treatment of stretch marks on the skin as well as scars (including acne scars and blemishes).
  • It supports the structure of the skin and improves skin appearance, after UV exposure.
  • The most difficult skin conditions like adult acne, dry irritations and fine lines around the mouth and under the eyes may be improved with Immune Shield.


Apply Immune Shield just after your shower or bath while the skin is damp and open. OR just wash your face and use this.

You can use it :

    • after sun exposure
    • before makeup
    • as your morning skin care product
  • as you nighttime product


This thin oil doesn’t have any smell or stickiness. I just take a pump , apply the oil onto skin and massage it. The oil absorbs quickly. I have applied it just as moisturizer, along with another moisturizer and also underneath makeup- in all cases it acted pretty well.

If you are interested to see the product in action, check out my recent Youtube tutorial where I have used this oil before my makeup. You can see the makeup behaved decently!


  • No extra smell….or super-perfumey
  • Absorbs well
  • Leaves skin properly moisturized, supple and smooth.
  • It doesn’t leave skin oily rather balances out the oil perfectly.


So far I haven’t found any. I still do not have prominent wrinkles so I can’t vouch if it really works on wrinkles or not.


My skin has been behaving really well after I have started using this serum. It gives the perfect dose of moisture and leaves my skin smooth and less irritated after a long day. Two thumbs up FROWNIES’ !
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Have you started using a serum yet? Which one do you use? Comment below!

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