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MAYA MIA Eyeshadow Palette by Anastasia Beverly Hills

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

MAYA MIA is a rising star in Makeup & Beauty Blogging industry. Famous for her YouTube channel and Instagram, this Tanzanian Makeup Artist and Blogger is as beautiful & flawless as her makeup tutorials. She collaborated with Anastasia Beverly Hills and came out with “Maya Mia” eyeshadow palette which consists of natural, jewel toned and bright colors. The website describes the colors are ideal for Summer, but why don’t we incorporate some warmth in Winter-almost Spring?!

“Designed in collaboration with Maya Janeska, these refreshing neutral hues combine with two pops of color to create the ideal palette for summertime looks with a hint of mod style. 10 shades that coordinate flawlessly.”



This palette retails for $29 and it can be found on- Anastasia Beverly Hills.



This palette comes with 1 eyeshadow palette with 10 shadows, 5 tutorial cards by Maya Mia and a small double ended brush.


The packaging of this palette is eye-catching. The colors speak what’s within the palette with shades of peachy-pink, aqua, green, gold and brown tones. The front of the palette has MAYA MIA inscribed on it.


If you have keen on ingredients, then you can find those on the back of the palette, with also cruelty free sign.


As I have mentioned in my Tamanna palette review, I am not very happy with the Duo Shadow brush these palettes include. But these small brushes are okay, if you are travelling or need a brush in a hurry.


The 5 tutorials included in the palette is really helpful. 5 different eye makeup looks with different techniques is easy to follow and master.

24 25


This palette has 10 eyeshadows with different finish and undertone. For details about the shadows, keep on reading.


1. Nude:

This is a cool toned, matte beige color. Good for transition.


2. Deep Brown:

This is a cool toned, matte, black-brown shade.

deep brown

3. Sienna:

This is a warm toned, copper-brown matte shadow.


4. Warm Taupe:

As the name implies, this is a warm toned medium matte Taupe color.

warm taupe

5. Vanilla:

This is not totally white, but almost like a off white color with warm semi-matte finish.


6. Aqua:

A cool toned medium aqua blue with pearly finish.


7. Fresh Peach:

This is a peach color (or medium orange) with frosted finish. This shaodow works best if you build up the colors with your finger.

fresh peach

8. Glisten:

This is a cool toned light orange shade with frosted finish. It reminds me of the foiled shadows. Just like Fresh Peach, this shadow shows up better if you pack the colors with fingers.


9. Caramel:

A medium warm brown with matte finish.


10. Gold Bar:

This color shows different under different lights. It’s a gold metallic shadow with very light green hue in it.

gold bar


1. The shadows are soft, blendable.

2. You can gradually build up the color.

3. The shadows of this palette are a good balance of warm and cool undertones.

4. Colors can be used for everyday neutral to dramatic makeup look.

5. The packaging is travel-friendly.



1. Some of the shadows are a little bit powdery. But the performance improves  with a primer.

2. The colors are not very unique.

3. Price may be an issue if you are on budget.


Overall, this is a good palette. I like it.

Have a peek at the Valentines Day makeup look I did with this palette here.


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Gohag Blog July 31, 2016 - 10:25 pm

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Sue Figueroa February 10, 2015 - 3:28 am

Pretty colors 😉

Wasifa Ahmad February 12, 2015 - 6:58 pm

Yes they are Sue! 🙂


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