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REVIEW: Meena Herbal Scrubs

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Today I am going to review 2 skin care products from Meena Herbal. If you haven’t heard about this brand already, It’s a Bangladeshi brand, which focuses on natural & herbal products.


I have been sent some skin care products from this brand for reviewing purpose. I have been using these products for almost a month. The review written here is my personal experience. As I have stated many times before, skin care products act differently on different skin. So the products which suit my skin, may not suit yours.
The products I have received were the following:




  • 1. Hand & Foot scrub
  • 2. Neem & Mint Body Scrub
  • 3. Miracle Face Wash 
  • 4. Miracle Mask


In this article I am going to review the scrubs; Hand & Foot Scrub and Neem & Mint body scrub.
Without further ado, let’s get started.

Hand & Foot Scrub:

According to Meena Herbal, “this scrub takes care of your manicure & pedicure needs at home. This all natural granular scrub works gently to remove dead skin cells while hydrating & conditioning the skin of hands & feet.



Initial thought:

  • It’s a 100gm tube costing BDT 150.
  • The packaging is same as the other Meena Herbal product…plastic container with screw cap.
  • The product is off-white paste with a chemical smell. 




Experience after usage:

  • The paste has dense but fine scrubbing particles in it.
  • It applies smoothly and doesn’t feel harsh or granular on the skin.
  • It leaves smoother and softer skin afterwards.




For the price and quality- this is a good product to try.



Body Scrub:

According to the company, “this body scrub leaves your skin looking radiant by gently removing those skin-clogging dull dead cells. The combination of Neem & Mint oil will give your skin antiseptic protection, shine and a breezy coolness.




Initial Thought:


  • It’s a 100 gm tube retailing for BDT 200.
  • The product comes in a plastic tube with screw cap.
  • It is a thick off-white cream product.
  • I can’t actually describe the smell but it reminded me of baby powder.






Experience after usage:

  • The product has very fine scrubbing particle… Initially it feels like it doesn’t have any scrubbing particles in it. But after you massage the product onto your skin your can feel the finer particles.
  • I have applied the product on its own and also after using my everyday soap. It applies better if you use the soap or shower gel first and then massage the scrub on your skin.
  • It gives a smooth, clean feeling with softer skin after usage.




I liked this product. It’s mild enough to use everyday and cost effective.


In a nutshell: I have found both of the the scrubs cost effective and these worked well on my skin. I am going to buy these again.

You can check out the rest of the product (Miracle Face Wash & Miracle Mask) reviews here.


Have you used Meena Herbal products yet? How was your experience?



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**The items featured in this post were provided by the brand for review. This does not affect my opinion of the item.**

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