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REVIEW: Meena Herbal Miracle Face Wash and Miracle Face Mask**

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan



**Sent for review**
Hello readers!
In my last article [link here], I have talked about my love for Meena Herbal Body and Hand & Foot scrubs. Today I will be talking about the rest of their skin-care stuffs.


The products I have received were the following:

1. Hand & Foot scrub
2. Neem & Mint Body Scrub


3. Miracle Face Wash 


4. Miracle Mask



Today’s article is all about their Miracle Face Wash and Miracle Mask.

As I have stated in my previous article: I have been sent these skin care products from Meena Herbal for reviewing purpose. I have been using these products for almost a month. The review written here is my personal experience. Skin care products act differently on different skin. So the products which suit my skin, may not suit yours.


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Miracle Face Wash:



According to the company, “this miracle face wash gently removes excess oil, dirt & fully cleanses makeup leaving a softer smoother skin with a fairer tone. This soap free face wash is made from Honey, Aloe Vera, Vitamin C and other ingredients. Honey & Aloe Vera heal sunburn and make skin soft & healthy, Vitamin C whitens skin tone and reduces dark patches.


Initial Thought:




  • This is a 60g tube which retails for BDT 120.
  • The packaging is rather simple, in a plastic container.
  • The face wash is a peach colored gel.
  • The smell is mild and reminded me of shampoo.





Experience after usage:

  • The Face wash is not very foamy or soapy. (It’s soap-free, duh!)



  • It is a mild face wash, which does not take off the makeup completely on its own. I had used a makeup remover prior to washing my face with the face wash. I had to use it 2-3 times to get rid of the oil and trace makeup from my face.


  • The face wash is non-drying to the face.



  • Most interesting part came after washing my face. Red itchy spots appeared after using this face wash, which lessened after 24 hours. Here is a comparison picture showing the skin reaction just after using the product pic-A, and after 24 hours of the reaction pic-B.





  • BUT my brother used the same face wash and it suited his skin perfectly. He didn’t face any rash or red patches after using this product. Another example of how skin care products act differently on different skin!




It’s a mild face wash….which caused break-out in my skin.



Miracle Mask:



According to the company, “this rejuvenating mask unclogs pores, removes dark patches and leaves you with healthy, firm & glowing skin. Saffron reveals an innate glow, milk cleanses your skin deep from the pores and mineral clay exfoliates & softens your skin.






Initial thought:





  • It’s a 60g tube which retails for BDT 150.
  • The packaging is same as the face wash.
  • The products is of Paste consistency with a strong saffron-y smell.





Experience after usage:

  • The product is very easy to apply. Just smear the paste with your fingers on face and neck.

  • One thing that concerned me about this product, it gives a slight burning sensation after applying…. I immediately took off the product when I first used it. But it didn’t cause any rash or skin reaction. So I volunteered to use the product again.
    The second time I used this product, I left it on for 10 minutes. The burning & itching sensation subsided gradually after 5 minutes.
  • The product leaves a white cast if you just clean it off with water. I had to use a face wash to get rid of the white cast completely.
  • This mask doesn’t tighten the skin like the traditional clay mask (e.g. Multani Mati).


  • It gives a clean and smooth skin after usage.







It’s a good face mask if you do not have time for a full facial and need a quick pick-me-up to your skin.

In a nutshell:  Thumbs up for the mask but sadly, the face wash was not for me.


Did you face similar situation after using these products? Please share below.





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