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Spring Summer Shoe Trends of 2014

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Who here loves shoes?

*Raises hand*

With the always-changing fashion industry, the trends are always changing…. more like rotating. The trend you were following last season has become so much “last season”! (pun intended)

Today’s article is all about shoes! What’s the trend this Spring-Summer season and which one to look out for!
It’s contributed by Heidi, who is a styling expert and fashion writer with years of experience behind her. She has worked with numerous portals and blogs and is known to her readers for her unique take on the fashion trends. With a huge number of readers worldwide, she is easily the best among the writers out there!

So let’s get started!


Shoes are evergreen additions to the closets, and there is always something new to look forward to in every season. The spring summer season always opens up for a lot of new experiments, mainly because you can still try on the winter shoes and make way for the new designs at the same time. If you love the trends and want to follow what the brands have to say, take a look at the hottest trends of the season.

Ankle straps and cuffs

One of the main designs of the season was the coming of ankle straps and cuffs. Starting from Valentino to Hermes to Herve Leger, every designer collection seemed to have a pair of shoes that featured the ankle strap. While the thin ones are at par with classic feminine style, the cuff style is more for the ladies who like to get ahead of what one calls conventional. Depending on what you like, pick the right one!

Styling with edgy heels: 

Get ahead of what you may call the regular pencil heels, because many of the designers have come up with some amazingly quirky heels. For example, if you check the collection of Alexander McQueen, you would find there are heels that you just cannot get away with. In fact, these heels are not for the faint hearted and you need to have the right attitude to carry them off!

Classy pumps are always stylish: 

If you have happened to check on the collection for spring summer 2014, you would know that classy pumps are actually fun and can be great for any occasion. In the collection, the colour choices were very basic such as black and white, but each of the look was sober and elegant enough for the formal day and equally happening for the casual day out.

Pointed toes aren’t going anywhere

The beauty of the point toes cannot be overlooked, especially when you are wearing them everywhere. The best part of the pointed toed designs is the fact that these shoes are constantly been revisited and reinvented, and therefore, there is something new in every season. For spring summer 2014, Narciso Rodriguez’s has some designs with pointed toes and high heels that you might want to look. Even if you cannot afford these splurging heels, make sure to look for the designs when you shop shoes online.

With so much happening on the fashion front for the spring, there is a lot to be explored in style for this year. Make sure to take a try on all of the trends, because each one appeals to the outfits and entire look in a special way. That’s the beauty of knowing it all!

Which one is your favorite trend? Chime in below!


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