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How to survive: A Day in High Heels!

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
Do you like to wear high heels? OR an all-flat-and-comfy girl?

Those who live in Dhaka city OR acquainted with the roads of Dhaka (specially footpaths) will attest to my theory that it is almost impossible to walk in heels all day here.

[P.S.: those who DO walk in heels all day, please share your secret!]

Due to the discomfort & extra effort we have to put when we wear high heels, some of us reserve the sky-high heels only for special occasions or parties. For day to day running errands, bring on the flats and comfy low heel ones!


Don’t you just love these babies!

Because high heels mean putting extra effort in the Calf muscles..it is like a mini work-out! Wearing high heels can stiffen up the muscle causing pain and discomfort for the next 1-2 days- this phenomenon is called “Heel Hangover”.


Actually the truth is, the less you wear high heels, the more uncomfortable you will feel after wearing one.

So how to cope with it and survive a day in high-heels?
Today’s article will guide you to that!

Step 1:

This step is not related to high heels, but it’s a general step for everyday.
PLEASE for God’s sake, have a pedicure and trim your nails properly. It’s not necessary to wear a nail color, but at least keep the nails clean!

If you buy an expensive & drool-worthy shoe and wear it on your dirty & unkept feet with chipped nails- it is just sad! Have a quick look at my previous article on how to do at-home pedicure.

Step 2:

Try getting used to heels by wearing low to mid length ones. Choose thicker or low heel shoes if you are a beginner. In this way your feet & your body will get accustomed with it.

Step 3:

Choose a shoe in an actual store by trying it out… I know how lucrative it is to shop from the virtual world from the comfort of your own home, but if you are not well acquainted with the shape & size of your feet, then you should refrain from ordering shoe online. Those who are adept in the shape, size & personal style- go ahead!

Step 4:

Stop buying cheap shoes!
You know those colorful & various type of shoes costing only 150 BDT (1.929 USD) widely available in Dhaka city?
Yes I am talking about those. (I am also guilty of wearing those, but learnt my lessons the hard way!)
These shoes are not properly made and cause serious pain & strain in feet. It’s better to buy just one good quality shoe than 10 cheap ones ladies. Be smart & health-savvy!

Step 5:

After walking in your heels, soak your feet in warm (not hot!) water. It is said to add “Epsom salt” in the warm water. If you don’t get the epsom salt, then just drop a slice of lemon in the warm water and dip your feet in it.
Soak feet in warm water

Step 6:

Still feeling uncomfortable?
Raise your feet by adding 1/2 pillows underneath it.

Step 7:

Sometimes the pain can be severe and there may be swelling & blisters. In that case, you can take a pain-killer, BUT DO CONSULT WITH YOUR DOCTOR FIRST.

Step 8:

If the pain is too much for the next day, give your feet a break and wear a flat one. You can alternate high & low heels and flat shoes this way.

Pretty high-heel shoes give us a certain confidence along with a touch of sensuality. BUT to the flat-lover ladies like me, don’t feel disappointed. Choose your shoes according to your own style & personality and you will become unstoppable!

P.S. I chose a high heel shoe for my wedding-registry BUT a comfortable yet beautifully designed flat red “nagra” shoe for the wedding ceremony…..because the wedding dress (Lehenga) was very heavy!
I loved wearing both and it was worth it!
plus size prom gown in UK
My shoe for the wedding ceremony!

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Stay Healthy , Stay Beautiful !
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maen ababneh February 12, 2020 - 1:50 am

Great and amazing post.Thanks for share.

Wasifa Ahmad Hasan February 13, 2020 - 1:34 pm

You are most welcome!


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