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Hair Loss: Prevention & Regrowth

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
Today’s article is the second part of the hair-loss series. It’s all about those everyday steps we can take to minimize hair-loss and promote hair growth. Read the first article here (Hair loss causes). 

It is contributed by Donald Bryce – a marketing and community manager at Provillus Formula, a reputable online supplier of effective hair loss products for men and women, including Provillus for men and Provillus for women.










Hair loss is becoming a common and one of the major health issues today. The statistics shows that the number of people seeking for hair loss treatment has increased dramatically over the last several years. What is even more important, this increase has mostly happened in the 20-40 years span, so the age is not becoming the primary cause here.


Hair loss- a common problem which can be solved.


We have discussed about the causes of hair loss in the previous article. The main reasons of hair loss are: improper nutrition, eating disorders, lack of important minerals in the organism, hormonal imbalance, drugs or just stress. The last (stress) factor shouldn’t be underrated. The modern world has become much more stressful than it was only a hundred years ago, and this has to be kept in mind.

However in many cases, hair loss is reversible and can be stopped, therefore I’d like to highlight some tips to prevent hair loss and keep your hair in a good healthy shape.


1. Do not apply a lot of pressure to the hair. 

This practice is a total no-no!


It is better not to comb your hair while it is wet, since this may lead to hair breakage. And you should use a wide-toothed comb, since it will lessen the pressure on hair. Also, do not rub your hair too much when trying to dry it, for the same reason.

2. Excessive hair dyeing can cause hair loss.

Excessive dyeing can lead to hair loss


There is a temporal form of hair loss called “Telogen Effluvium” that may be caused by it. Look for white bulbs on the end of the fallen hair shafts; if you can see none of them then dyeing won’t cause a problem. Although too much bleaching & hair dyeing causes deterioration in hair health. So if you must color it, go to a professional and use after-color-care products for maintaining hair health.

3. Get a hair massage. 




Good blood circulation is essential for healthy hair. Just a few minutes a day will help stimulate circulation and keep hair active.

4. Try the oil treatment. 




This method is great not only for curing hair loss but for preventing it as well. What you’ll need is the type or types of oil that works best for your hair, eg– olive, coconut, argan, jojoba or sesame. Natural oils are the best and work with maximum efficiency.

After warming the oil, you should massage the head with it for a few minutes. Then put on a shower cap, wait for about an hour and rinse the oil off with warm water.

5. Wash your hair.


This is self-explanatory – washing hair frequently (but not everyday) will reduce the amount of bacteria and infections on it. Use a mild shampoo which suits your hair type & condition.

6. Try to minimize the outside physical damage. 



These include: excessive blow drying, ironing, curling, frequent coloring-bleaching, straightening treatments and wearing too much bobby pins & rubber bands to squeeze the hair tightly.

If you must use a hot tool, use a good quality heat-protectant product beforehand.

7. Stick to a special diet. 



Low iron and protein can cause hair loss. Include these types of food in your daily ration: fish (tuna or salmon will work best), oysters, eggs, beans, whole grains, nuts, low-fat cheese, green vegetables, lemons, oranges, etc. Try to maintain a healthy diet along with exercise.

8. Find out the reason for hair loss. 


Sometimes hair won’t resume to grow at all. This means that it  can be caused by a disease and you’ll need a special medical treatment. I’d recommend to talk to a doctor and use medications that are clinically tested & have no side-effects.


Modern world has made our lives much faster and complicated, since we need to achieve much more in less time that inevitably leads to stresses.  The best idea in such a case will be to improve physical & mental health by improving food quality and find some quality time for you.

So, first you have to realize that everything you are doing affects your health and try to change your day accordingly. Hope my tips will help to control your hair health issues on their initial stage, though in some circumstances proper medical treatment is required.


If you have something to add or share, don’t hesitate to leave your comments below.

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