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Tame Your Frizzy Hair

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Today’s article is contributed by Mark Long, who is specialized in optimal hair care to prevent hair damage caused by dryness; he is also a direct advocate of using the right kind of natural hair conditioner to prevent hair problems


We all dream of smooth manageable hair, but when the weather plays havoc we are then left with untamed hair. Frizzy hair is a challenge, and there are various products and remedies available to restore the shine.

Get Out of Hair Hell

Over styling with heat tools, exposure to the outdoor sun or poorly cared hair damages the cuticle layer and causes frizz.  If you constantly alter your hair unnaturally, if you rub your hair dry too much with a towel, or if you don’t hydrate your hair properly, then you may end up facing a bad hair problem.
Here are few simple tips and techniques that will add life to your locks, and you will also help you feel a healthy bounce in your hair.

  • To begin with, always choose the hair conditioner that is best suited for your hair type. 

  • You must add a leave–in conditioner to your hair care routine for optimal silkiness. Make sure to keep your hair hydrated, especially before you step outside.
Phyto leave in products

Avoid Too Much of Hair Styling

  • Try to avoid over styling your hair with heat tools as they steal the moisture from your hair and cause breakage of the cuticle layer.
  • Keep the use of flat irons, blow dryers and curling tools to minimum as well.

  • A good trim every 6-8 weeks get rids of split ends and gives you a more tamed and manageable hair. In fact, this can be one of the most important steps towards maintaining healthier hair.

Damaged Hair Recovery Tips

The shampoos, conditioners and styling products tend to build up in your hair over time making them dull and frizzy. There are several home remedies that can add a zing to your dead hair. They are not only easy to follow but they also have little to no side effects and chemicals, especially when compared to the products available in the supermarket.
  • Washing your hair once a week with apple cider rids your hair from the buildup of chemicals, leaving it shinier and fuller.
  • Vitamin E capsules are another cheaper, but very effective remedy to restore the health of your hair. Start rubbing Vitamin E at the ends while moving upwards to the roots of your hair. Vitamins are a wonder for your hair, and with its use you might be able to soon see the magical effect in your hair texture.
  • Regular oiling also helps you to fight the frizz. A weekly hot oil treatment can transform your dull and frizzy tresses into beautiful shiny hair in under 30 minutes. You can mix equal quantities of olive and canola oil, warm it up in a microwave and then leave in your hair for half an hour. You may also opt for professional hot oil products, but whether if it’s a salon treatment or homemade oil-pack, it will make your locks more bouncy and vibrant.
  • The serum not only nourishes your hair with essential proteins but also helps to repair your hair from the abuse of brushing, heat tools and chemical treatments. The dab of serum smoothens the cuticle making it easier to comb or style your hair and also makes them frizz free.

Moroccan oil products- my personal favorite!

Don’t let the unruly hair ruin your confidence, follow a simple yet regular hair care routine to make your hair vibrant and tamed. Keeping a healthy lock needs not to be expensive, or a hassle, as you can use ingredients from your kitchen or a local dollar store to flaunt your style and make heads turn.

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