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Purple smokey eye inspired by Nina Dobrev

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Hello my lovely readers!
Many of you have asked me to recreate many looks of Nina Dobrev. I created a poll in my Facebook page with some of her famous makeup looks to vote for the favorite one and most people chose number 4.
A dark sultry purple smokey eye.
Isn’t this look just flawless? I love how the eye makeup is so intense yet soft in this look.
Inspired by this look, I recreated it with the following products:


Urban Decay primer potion in EDEN
BH cosmetics 60 color day & night palette (Complete review here).
ELF gel liner in Black.

I have used the shadows marked with a star. Click the picture for enlarged view.


L’Oreal true match foundation
Revlon age defying  concealer


BH cosmetics 10 color blush palette
L’Oreal touch on color highlight
MAC bronzing powder in Bronze


BH cosmetics 32 lip gloss palette

So get ready for lots of pictures on the step by step procedure to recreate this look. I have added the brushes I have used as per readers’ request J


1. Today I am starting with my eye brows first. I filled in the brows and gave some definition with a dark matte brown color and set the brows with a clear gel. (To learn my detailed process of filling in brows, click here)


Then I used UDPP in Eden on my upper and lower lids to make the eye shadow colors vibrant. You can also use your concealer lightly and set it with a face powder/flesh toned eyeshadow.


Take a purple color like this and place the color with a shadow brush on your upper lid leaving the innermost and outer area bare.


Now blend those edges with a blending brush. I have used Real technique shadow brush as my blending brush.
(SIDENOTE: Real Technique brushes are AWESOME! If you have not got it yet, go grab some!)


Take a darker purple color and add this color on the outer corner of your upper lid like image no. 1. Gradually darken the outer corner with this color and blend well like image no.2.


Take a medium shimmery purple shadow (darker than the first lid color but lighter than the outer corner color). Add this color on the crease area and blend with the lid color.


Now take a very light shimmery purple or lavender color and add this color on the inner part of your upper lid. Blend well.


Now highlight under your eyebrows with a light-shimmery baby pink color like this. You can also use a shimmery white shadow.


Take a matte black shadow and an angle brush and place the black shadow closer to your lash line like this.


Smudge the black shadow to give it a softer look. Add more black shadow to darken the lash line and blend well to soften the look.


Take a pencil brush like this and place the black shadow on the outer part of your lid like image 1. Now make a “V” like image 2. Blend the black shadow with the purple one like image 3.


Now take your black kohl/pencil liner and line the waterline like image 1. (The purple shadow on image 1 is the fallout…don’t worry about that.)
Smudge the kohl/liner with the medium shimmery purple so that it looks like image 2.


Put on your false lashes; add mascara (image 1). 
Now draw a thin line on the base of the upper lashes (image 2).
Clean the fallout of the shadows under your eyes and use concealer.


I have used a medium pink-coral color as my blush and a lip color of the same color family. For highlighter, I have used this gorgeous shimmery flesh toned color from L’Oreal. (To see how I contour and highlight my face, click here.)

 And here is the finished result!

Love it, hate it?
Comment below….Any constructive criticism is welcome!

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