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REVIEW: 10 color Blush Palette by BH cosmetics

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
Hello readers!
Today’s review is about a great Blush palette. 10 color professional blush palette by BH cosmetics.
Available at: BHcosmetics.com


The palette comes in a lightweight cardboard box. The palette itself is pretty lightweight and good for travel.

Here’s what the company has to say about their product:
Click the picture for enlarged view.
Let’s have a look inside the palette.
Here is what the 10 colors look like at a glance.
As the colors do not have specific names, I have marked those with number 1-10 and will review those accordingly.

Color 1:

It’s a matte medium brown color.

Great for contouring on light to medium skin tone.

As you can see, I have taken picture of this color in 2 different lighting situations where the colors show up differently.
Here is how the color translates on my skin tone. (NC30-35)

Color 2:

This is a light peachy-brown color.
It will be great for light skin tone….it does not translate well on my skin tone.

Color 3:

This is a cool toned purplish pink color with light shimmer.
It is another color for light skin tone, not for my skin.

Color 4:

This is a matte medium peachy-pink color.
Good for medium skin tone.

Color 5:

This is a light mauvy-brown with peachy undertone and very fine shimmer.
Looks great on light to medium skin.

Color 6:

This is a classic bubblegum pink color with cool undertone and no shimmer.
Good for medium skin.

Color 7:

This is a matte rose color with warm undertone.
Great for medium to dark skin.

Color 8:

This is a warm medium peach color with very fine shimmer.
Looks good on medium to dark skin tone.

Color 9:

This is a matte medium fuchsia color.
Great for medium to darker skin tone.

Color 10:

  • This is another interesting color. Because the color shows up as medium brown without flash, but with flash the peachy undertone in this color becomes prominent.

  • Gives a beautiful hint of color on medium skin tone. As I am not fond of screaming loud colors on my cheeks, this gives a really pretty color of satiny sheen on my cheek without attracting too much attention.

Here are the swatches and comparison between the pink, peaches and browns.




Color 1 and 6 can be used as your typical blush and bronzer combo! OR you can mix up these 2 !

Overall thought:

  • Budget-friendly palette to try out different colors.
  • The colors can be gradually built and mixed with each other for a custom color of your choice.
  • The colors blend well.
  • The staying power of the colors is medium.
So in a nutshell; The color vibrancy and staying power is not as powerful as the high-end brands, but this wallet friendly palette is great for beginners and everyday use.


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