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FriXion Pen by Pilot**

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

[This product was given to me by Influenster, the amazing program which has given me the opportunity to try out some products in their fall Cosmo Voxbox. To see what the Cosmo Voxbox included, click here.]

Let me tell you a story first. When I was little girl starting on writing with pens, PILOT pens were the MAC or YSL for me. I always had a blue Pilot pen given to me by my mother which I never lend anybody… because I was afraid it can get “lost”. 
I still have the pen, though there is no ink left to write!
So when the Influenster Voxbox contained my “childhood hero” I was quite nostalgic.

FriXion is the “newest innovation” from Pilot which comes with a pretty nifty rubber tip.
I was given a Black and a Pink gel ink ones. With 0.7 tip the writing was, as expected from a Pilot pen, pretty smooth.
I am keeping the black one and gave the pink one to my younger sister. She loved it too!
Do you have a childhood “pen” story? 
Do share with us!

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