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“Forever Red” Eau De Parfume**

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

[This product was given by Influenster, the amazing program which has given me the opportunity to try out some products in their fall Cosmo Voxbox. To see what the Cosmo Voxbox included, click here.]

What comes in your mind when you think of the color RED?
If it’s some gory stuff, you belong in an episode of Dexter or Criminal Minds!
Red is the color of passion, love. My favorite colors are red and black. There was a time when my wardrobe looked like a huge combo of red & black. Though I have changed this particular pattern, my likeness always tends to bend on red-black!

So when I heard about the “Forever Red” perfume by Bath & Body Works, instantly I thought about a pretty red bottle. And I was right!
I was sent a sample sized bottle to test out the product which contained .25 fl oz or 7 ml liquid. 
Have I told you I actually love sample sized bottles or containers? They are really handy when you are travelling and you can test out new products without investing major bucks.
As you can see, it’s a pretty basic container. But the full sized one is really pretty.
Let’s come to the smell.
I have to admit…it’s quite difficult to illustrate a smell. But I will try my best.
The 1st whiff of the perfume will remind you of one thing- Femininity.
The blend of “pomegranate and red osmanthus with sexy surprise of vanilla” is really sensual to the olfactory senses and lingers for hours.
I like perfumes which are not too strong and too girly or flowery. So this perfume is perfect for me!
There is something about the smell that I have found really soothing and blissful. [I am not kidding! Smells have the power to change your mood. Aroma Therapy, anyone?]


If you are worried about the longevity of your perfume, apply it on the pulse points of your body. I love to use my perfume on the inner part of my wrist, neck and behind the ear. 

I am keeping this perfume for special occasion, like going out or when I am having a pretty rough/depressing day.
Do you have a special perfume for special occasions? 
Which one is it?

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