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Love to hate you!

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
I am always conscious about my hair. I read articles related to hair. I have tried various chemical stuffs to cure dry hair and smooth the curls. But these reluctant babies are hard to satisfy. They frizz and smoothen as they please… like they have minds of their own! Oh! How I envied my straight haired friends in school and college! I have spent so many hours straightening my hair… gradually frying and damaging those.

Imagine my embarrassment when someone exclaimed…  “Argh! What’s wrong with your hair? Why is it like this?
It’s called “CURLY HAIR” dummy!
But I didn’t have the strength to say it out loud at that time….because I hated it too!

hair or tentacles?!

To add insult to the injury, due to chronic TOS pain, I started facing dreadful hair fall. It seemed like my hair has thinned out and my scalp was showing (OK! I admit! It looked like I was going bald). Specially immediately after my surgery and for the last 8-9 months it has become worse… due to fatigue, stress, sleeplessness etc.  My locks just seemed DEAD, became brittle and felt just like straw.
So I had to let go of all those “prettifying” hair rituals and go au natural! It’s because I had to! I could not tie my hair in a bun or ponytail because the hair roots hurt like hell! My scalp always felt like millions of needles were piercing it. Even minimal tug in the hair caused pain and breakage!
my scalp is on fire!!
Well…. good news is, the situation is getting better. I had to stop using all chemical products and heat styling tools… and oh my! It’s really showing positive results. I know many people are facing similar or almost similar problems. So maybe it can help you too, if you know what I have done to alleviate my hair-related troubles.
1st of all , I have stopped blow drying my hair and heat styling daily…just only before an occasion, I may blow dry it straight  Heck…I have even thrown out my hair iron so that it can’t tempt me anymore! My blow dryer is also going kaput. Not that I don’t need one….actually I don’t want one.
Then, instead of using chemical styling products, I use Olive oil at the ends of my hair after each wash. It makes the hair really soft! I have also lessened shampooing my hair. I wash it once a week thoroughly after “soaking”  it overnight with a combo of coconut and olive oil. I have come across a technique called “co-washing” or “conditioner washing”…. which includes skipping the shampoo and cleaning with conditioner instead. You can Google about it.
Naturallycurly.comis one of the wonderful and informative sites to learn about different techniques to care for curls.
 I also use DIY hair masks to soften and moisturize my hair. I often apply egg mask, banana mask, coffee mask or onion mask (Yes…  Onion! Trust me; it helps in hair growth…You just have to get past the smell). I like to experiment with homemade masks…. and so far I can say, there were no side effects. Rather these have helped my curls become soft and my hair is longer & healthier now. 
OK! that’s a bit too much! 

There are good days, there are bad days and there are WTH-IS-HAPPENING days. Specially when your arm is always hurting, you can’t just bother about these petty problems.
(But hey! I am a girl! I can’t just ignore it!)
Some days I just look like Krusty the clown with frizz and some days I feel pretty like Taylor Swift with her BEAUTIFUL curls!

which one’s better? you decide!

But my effort is paying off!!!

How? Well, couple of days ago I got surprised when someone told me… “I love your hair”.

I hesitantly asked, “Why?…”. (instead of giving thanks)

Then I was told, “ You’ve got lovely curls!

Umm… just like the song I felt like humming… “I must be doing something right!

really??!! u love my HAIR!!!
I will really appreciate if you share your insight about this.
 Are you facing massive hair fall too? How are you coping up with it?
Let me know!

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Wishful Thinker January 25, 2012 - 6:51 pm

Thanks for sharing your story Jane! I guess, the grass will always be greener on the other side 🙂

Anonymous December 11, 2011 - 10:04 pm

Hi W me again – I have curly hair too & I tried to straighten it to fit in with trends – I looked silly – now I like my curls – sod what others say! My 2 sons have curly too – they embrace this now as it's better than their Dad's bald head! Mine is lank & thinning a bit as I have untreated thyroid issues, got it cut yesterday, thinner but still curly! 2 daughters try to curl their straight hair too – I never understand why folks aren't happy with what they've got! keep smiling Jane x


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