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The deadly sins

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

My vanity would not let me reveal that i feel greedy sometimes.My greed leads me to feel despair which turns me into a sloth.

Some people get things too easily..which often never make them realize the value of those things.
On the other hand, some people have to try so hard to get the simple things in life…that it turns them into someone different than a normal person.

All the struggling makes them stronger, humble and modest. These traits are not easy to achieve….and for some, these are the hardest things to find in their life.

But try to tell this to a person who has lost something in this struggle….who has failed to achieve their definite goal. The invaluable “kindness”, “patience”, “humility” – these words mean nothing at that very moment.

It is said that-  If the man be bereft, give him solace. If he be in physical torment, give him medicine. If he be to the desire of death, give him hope. Reason, encouragement, and faith bring hope, therefore, use them liberally.”

Someone I knew committed suicide some years back. The news of her death shook me immensely though we were not that close. The battle between hope and despair in her life ended and the sin was the winner.

I could be in her place… I could be that girl fading in dark. It could be anybody around us. Her not being close to me didn’t make me  feel relieved. Rather it made me sad…very sad. May be I could help her… may be I could give her solace and hope!

There are some people who are helping another people to live their life…to make it meaningful.They make a difference everyday. These are the people who still make this world worthy to live.
I feel greedy towards those people.

I feel greedy that I am not in their place to make those differences.

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