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by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan
October is the month i always feel hopeful about everything. 

That’s because its my birth month. Nothing is wrong with this time of the year. The weather feels great…i get some extra treatment from loved ones and it always comes with new plans for the future.

Most of the plans revolve around rearranging the room or coloring hair or cutting it ( I know its silly … but it feels good!! )

Sometimes new vows are taken….new plans are planned…. but at the end  i always end up doing nothing significant!

I ask myself often….”What is God’s purpose to send me in this world?
[Yes…i’m a God’s person…….though occasional emotional disturbances are observed…but still i always try to hold on to my faith.]

Each & every person has different purpose in this world with different goals. I used to think that I am well aware of my goals & destination. I used to wander around possibilities. But now I’m a person standing on reality. And reality, my friend, is  not always overrated.

So here I am again….facing the “October”….. thinking of doing something good with my hair…………. 

NAAH… just kidding!!

This time…I’m thinking of doing something good with my life.

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Wishful Thinker January 25, 2012 - 7:04 pm


Wasif October 18, 2010 - 11:25 am

Lo0kin f0rward to what u do..nyc bginning, keep it up!


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