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work from tips How to Sell on Amazon

How To Work From Home By Selling On Amazon

by Wasifa Ahmad Hasan

Happy Monday! Ever since I have started writing about work from home, many readers have DMd me asking more about WFH. I have been saving some of those repeatedly asked questions and came to realize many of you are wondering how to sell on Amazon at the comfort of your home.

Not too many people realize that many of the goods they buy on Amazon are sold by third-party sellers and not from Amazon. They are people just like you and me that have set up a business that allows them to work from home

This system is called Fulfilled by Amazon, or, FBA, and is a great way to make extra money or even a full-time income. It’s something that anybody can do as long as you follow some best practices like posting true-to real-life pictures by using a white photo backdrop for the listing, writing down the descriptions in detail, and above all, creating a useful product that people are searching for. 

In this article, we will go over the basics of FBA so you can decide for yourself if it is going to be a good fit for you. 

How to Sell on Amazon:

Sign up as a seller

To start selling on Amazon, you first have to have a seller’s account. This gives you a dashboard through which you will handle the entire process of registering and shipping your items to the warehouse. 

Just about anybody can sign up and start selling as long as you have a valid credit card, bank account, and tax information. Once you have registered and gotten approved you are ready to go as an Amazon seller. 

Pick a product

You can sell just about anything on Amazon as a third-party seller as long as it isn’t dangerous or banned. There are some categories that are unavailable until you fulfill certain requirements. For example, if you want to sell food on Amazon you will have to make sure that you go through the steps they require to be able to sell it on their platform. 

They called these gated categories and require approval to start selling. Things like sports collectibles, Made in Italy products, and personal safety products are some examples. 

It’s best to go with ungated categories to get started as it’s less hassle. The key is to find a product that people are searching for and buying. Find a product that sells well but gets bad reviews because it’s not fulfilling the consumer’s demand 100%. Then you can overcome those problems by fixing the flaws in the product and have one manufactured that people can actually find useful and eventually, like.

Those will then sell well because you solved a problem buyers were having.

Make a good product page

A product page that looks professional is going to help you succeed. The keys are good, clear photos and a detailed description of the product.  Do not post photoshopped, unreal pictures. Have pictures that are clear and show the item from multiple angles.

Then, write a description that will answer any potential questions a person would have. Make sure to highlight the fact that your product has the things fixed that other products don’t. Be smart and genuine.

Build a brand

Even though millions of people shop on Amazon every day, you need to attract their attention and drive traffic to your product page. You can have a blog that centers around the product or a Youtube channel, and a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. 

All of these things send traffic to your product and also build brand awareness which helps people find you. 

I hope you liked today’s quick work-from-home tips about how to sell on Amazon. Check out my Amazon shopping page to see which products I am using and loving. Happy shopping!

work from tips How to Sell on Amazon

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